Sunday, July 27, 2014

DYL | Change the concept of your blog.

I've been feeling restless for the past couple of months, even years. With my graduation coming closer and still not having a clue what my next move would be. Since February I can finally call myself a biologist, with a master's degree to back up my story. Finding work wasn't easy, especially if you don't have a single clue which job would make you happy. After 3 months of sitting at home and thinking about my life, someone saw an employee in me and hired my ass. Now, almost 3 months later, I'm still very grateful for this opportunity because in theory I'm overqualified for the job and they have to pay me more than they would do others. But does this job give me the fulfillment I've always wanted? No. Does it let me lead the life I've always wanted for myself? No. Am I even happy? In a certain way I am, because I couldn't wish for any nicer colleagues and I'm saving up a lot of money but on the other hand I feel like my life's on hold and I'm just waiting for something to happen. I've been talking about it a lot with friends, since I've started working my urge to see the world and experience life to the fullest has only grown stronger. 

Next summer, my boyfriend, my soulmate, is graduating as a biologist as well and I feel like everything is building up to that moment. The moment that we can take off and start living our lives. I'm super excited about it but at the same time scared to death that I'm not going to find the happiness and satisfaction that I'm looking for. Does it even exist? Am I just a person with a restless soul or is there something out there waiting for me? I definitely want to find out and it would be awesome if you would experience this journey with me. 

Although, I'm not going to wait until next year to revamp my life, being happy is something you should strive after every single day. That's why I want to change the concept of my blog, at 2 in the morning nonetheless. Talking with Maya, a like-minded soul, earlier this evening gave me the sudden inspiration I've been waiting for to change my blog for the better and also to put my plans for a happier life in action. From now on I'm going to post about things in my life that make me happy and fulfilled. This, however, doesn't mean that my blog is doing a 180° turn. Putting together outfits and showing them to you, for example, does make me happy so the main focus isn't going to change. I just want to add some character and depth to my blog. If you know what I mean? I want my blog to be my random guide to a happy life because in the end it's all about how you dressed your life. Ha! 

Thanks for reading (and finishing) my personal musings.
Naomi, x.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Bloggers on instagram...

... always sit by the window on planes. 
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... have mad presentation skills. 
(@annanooshin, @fashionbirds, @lalalisha, @wishwishwish, @thefashionloonatic)

... have a mild drinking problem.
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Sunday, June 08, 2014

Bye Bye, for now.

Summer essentials.

My sincere apologies for being offline for a while. Blogging came to a zero level the past 3 weeks because of some projects, busy at my job due to our various events and the festival season that is not far away anymore... Another big change in my life will be (hopefully) in a couple of months: leaving the nest and looking for something for  just the 2 of us 

Time for something else now...

Browsing web shops for summer essentials, that's right. I must admit I've got my periods of impulsive shopping and this period is seriously not impulsive. It's not that strange because I've noticed every year when summer is around the corner I don't buy a lot of clothes. I guess it's so much easier for me to buy sweaters and other winter essentials?! That doesn't mean I don't like summer stuff, on the contrary! All those vibrant colors and tropical patterns, waaaauwwie! Check my mood board below. I picked several, different items per theme, things that caught my eye immediately!

Oh, before I forget. Because of the moving part it will be necessary to sell a lot of my stuff because I could probably rent a van for my room alone... But that means lots of new/almost never worn clothes, shoes and accessories! More info soon!

Sabrina, x.

Monday, May 05, 2014

Win Win Win | 25 Years Magnum

25 years of Magnum delight... Oh yes, we instantly were naming different flavours of which my favorite would be the Double Caramel and Naomi would go bonkers on the Chocolate Infinity! 

For Magnum's anniversary they're opening a pop-up pleasure bar at the Stadsfeestzaal in Antwerp. May 15 will be their opening night but don't worry because they'll stay here for a little while. One month of chocolate orgasms!

Not only are they opening a limited chocolate heaven but also celebrating in full glamour with pop artist Kylie Minogue. Alas... Not in Antwerp but at the ravishing Cannes Film Festival. You can enter the contest and win a magical night at the Magnumbeach and celebrate their birthday in a custom made designer dress by Rossorame. Enter the contest! (But read on because there's MORE)

But you can also enjoy a fine night of full VIP treatment right here, in our little country! We can make 5 chocolate addicts truely happy with a duo-ticket to Nacht van het Palmeres on May 24! A night of glamour and a movie of choice. Luurrvvs, right?!

What do you have to do?! Let us know what YOUR ultimate Magnum flavour would be and we'll pick 5 lucky ones! Go chocolate bonkers on this one boys and girls. Don't forget to write your e-mail address as well ;-)!

Fingers crossed!
Sabrina & Naomi, x.