Saturday, September 21, 2013

LFW: street style favorites

What I love about fashion is that I can follow up different looks through fashion magazines and street styles. That doesn't mean every trend or look is inspiring for me, on the contrary, some are just hideous. Anywhooo, September is a special month because of the inspiration that different street styles have to offer during the Fashion Weeks. I gazed endlessly and I think if I would attend every one of those Fashion Weeks that I would be a little paparazzi and capture about a gazillion pictures. Here are some of my favorite styles that catched my eye immediately from LFW. Unfortunately I can't call myself the photographer of these pictures below.

Sabrina, x.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Big You IV

This was already the second time we were invited for The Big You and now at least one of us was in the country, we be jet-setting all the time. So while Sabrina was living it up in Venice, I was finally enjoying everything that UPR had to offer. I'm sure you can expect some belle immagini coming your way in the near future. 

The event. We were welcomed in the beautiful loft were it all started for UPR back in 2001. I definitely wouldn't mind placing my desk down there. It was very nice to finally meet the faces behind the weekly press releases ☺.

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

White x silver.

This outfit includes two new items: my white blouse from Urban Outfitters (here) and the silver shoes from Zara (here). Both very comfortable and wearable. Some of you know I'm a sucker for black because it always shows some elegance in your outfit, it hides the bad parts and maybe unconsciously because my hair has the same color?! The detailing in the white blouse convinced me immediately, especially the little black linings on the wrist and the little black buttons are adorable. When it comes to shoes I do like thinking outside of the box. When they're shiny, full of glitter or when they have a striking color it's jackpot for me and this pair of brogues meets my criteria no doubt.

It's weird to go for an outfit without any statement jewelry or delicate rings that's why I've chosen this mint green nail polish because it does somewhat get noticed. To come back to those delicate rings: I've been gazing for a little while on some lovely silver rings from Wouters & Hendrix, yes I'm making room for some silver jewelry as well! 

Sabrina, x. 

Monday, September 02, 2013

Festival of Colours: Holi Festival!

Festival? Check!
Amazing music? Check! 
Lots of colour? Double check!
Everywhere happy people? Triple check! 

This pretty sums up how I experienced my Saturday. Two party animals (Eva and Margaux) joined me to experience a first ever organized festival in Belgium: Holi Festival

This feast of colours is one of the most important celebrations amongst the Hindu communities. It is their way to celebrate the transition from winter to spring but also the victory of the good over the evil. The gulal (colour powder) is used during this celebration which makes it one big colourful day. Social boundaries are vanished for one day which results in one equality. It's a pity though that only such a celebration makes people forget about the differences amongst each other.

To come back to the Holi Festival. It was a day full of striking colours and everyone was happy. Throwing the colour powder at each other created also a day without boundaries. Everyone around me was having fun, talking to and dancing with each other.

There were a lot of positive and negative reactions before the festival even took place because of the fact the ticket sale and lineup was announced pretty late. My opinion: I wanted to attend the festival anyway because of the colour concept. My opinion during and after the festival? Seriously, the lineup included a lot of unknown names (for me) but it was GREAT, the whole lineup was awesome. There were some problems though with the music in the very beginning but that was solved quickly. Everyone was having fun with the powder, laying in the sun, chillin' and sippin' beer anyways so it really didn't bother me at all.

Holi festival, you'll see me back next year! 
Sabrina, x.

ps: there's a similar festival coming up in Brussels in a couple of weeks for those who are interested.