Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Wearing: Blazer - H&M / Braided necklace - Titi + The German Kid / Dress - Pins and Needles (via UO) / Flats - H&M / Makeup - Kapsalon Kontrast.

I made these pictures especially for the Titi + The German Kid competition on facebook. They asked for some rock 'n' roll attitude so I totally went for it! How do you like the result? I really dig how my hair looks, makes me want to dye all of it even more. But not to worry, boyfriend, I'll restrain myself. The bleaching is too harmful for my hair.

Here comes the fun part: I need your help desperately! I would mean the world to me if you could click on this link and like my picture, I need to end in the top 5 so I could use every single like. It's hard competing against models.. Click me to victory :D!

Enjoy the sun while it's shining
Naomi, x.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Leaving the house and what goes along with me.

What's in a bag

You're probably not that interested in the contents of my shoulder bag? For those who are: et voila :-). Due to the lack of time I had during the weekend I couldn't muze on inspirational things nor did I have the time to take proper pictures, saaaaaawwy for that! But this is the result. 

This is my Mango shoulder bag I got for my birthday. My previous one was actually the same but in dark burgundy. It was so worn out or in la mama vocabulary: throw that old thing away, please. I'm very happy with it, especially the size is perfect. Not so big actually but you can stock it endlessly. My last one came so in handy for festivals: umbrella or poncho, even a sweater and then of course the usual things like a wallet, mobile phone and deodorant.

Ok, back to the what's in my bag. I don't carry the same things all the time, it depends on my mood or the place I'm going to. The things you see above are my essentials, what others maybe call 'junk'. Anywhoo.. Let me guide you in Sabrina's bag   
  • Mango wallet. I'm not a matchy matchy person when it comes to           handbags and wallets but this one was pretty and I bought it afterwards.
  • Blackberry 8520. No iPhone for me, it's just too expensive for what my wallet can handle at the moment. 
  • Garnier Mineral deodorant
  • Topshop Lipstick. It's very dark/bright pink and goes by the name of it's all about me. 
  • Pen. That's a real essential. Stupid but true in my opinion. 
  • Keys. Ok, I'm going to confess: I lose my house key a LOT except for my dorm/car keys. I don't like to hang them on 1 key chain because losing them all would be a major crisis. Seriously, can't capture the logic of it but house keys are just not my dearest friends. My parents keep several spare ones and go loco when I'm only saying ehm daaaad... You know those 10 stamps and the 11th is free? Yep, guilty. 
  • Mentos chewing gum.
  • Korres Japanese Rose lotion. It's amazing I tell ya! It smells very fresh and a little tiny bit sweet at the same time.
  • Zalando sunnies (c/o Oona). 
  • Eau so Fresh by Marc Jacobs. Can't live without it, so yes it has to go everywhere I go.
  • Xmini-speaker (c/o Belmodo). The beats that come out of that little thing AMAZING.  
That was it for now! Bubyeeees! 
Sabrina, x.

My favorite flower is...

... a (gerbera) daisy! I spy with my eye, lots of daisies. Ok, I'm not talking about the real flowers but the prints that are somewhat popular. But what the hell, I'll throw some flower pics in as well, just because they're sooo pretty. Most of all, I love a romantic bouquet with them in it so actually all kinds of flowers are good for me ;-). For example ranunculas are also very pretty!


When thinking of Spring words such as: sunshine, color and flowers, flowers, flowers come to mind! Yes, there's a daisy print galore going on in the fashion world. To be quite honest, I'm not really loving the daisy prints... I do like floral prints but rather a combo of different flowers than just only daisies. It's ok, but I wouldn't buy anything that has only daisy print on it. 

Topshop - Simone Rocha - Kenzo

There is an exception though: Daisy - Eau so Fresh perfume by Marc Jacobs. That's the only perfume I'm using for a couple of years now and I haven't found anything else that can change my mind about it. I hear addiction calling, yep I plead guilty. AHHH that smell is in my opinion delishhhhhhhhhh.

Asos - Bottega Veneta - Topshop
Red Valentino - Manolo Blahnik 

Are you liking these daisy-prints? Or is there another print you absolutely adore for this spring?

'Till next time!
Sabrina, x.

ps: good weather + broken camera = no outfits => frustrating! Just saying...

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Clash of the garments.

Wearing: Jumper - Essentiel / Dress - An'ge / Sneakers - Converse / Trench coat - Mexx / Scarf - mum.

I'm not too sure about the combination I'm wearing, hence the title of this post. Maybe there are just too many things going on? I do love all items separately, maybe keep it that way next time. Ah well, not every outfit is a winner!

I did want to share these pictures with you because of the awesome lighting and ditto scenery. We made them right on the verge of a massive hail storm! I'm so glad we got on the bus before all hell broke loose, although it was raining into our bus anyway.. 

While we were waiting, my boy and I also had some fun with the timer on our camera.

Naomi, x.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

When Fashion meets Dance

I tried to take some outfit pictures yesterday but they were horrible. There are just some of those days your camera doesn't agree with you, hopefully later this week my next attempt will be a better one. 

One of my greatest passions is without a doubt dancing. I got motivated to do lots of different styles and most of my free time I've spent in dancing schools, that's about 15 years ballet, 12 years hiphop and jazz-ballet and 3 years modern ballet. I even tried out tapdancing for about 2 years but that just wasn't my thing. From the time I started with uni I couldn't combine everyting anymore and going back and forth was really exhausting after a while, a bummer though... 

As I was looking on the internet and in magazines this past week, I've noticed that fashion uses some subtle inspiration from ballet. A mixture where fashion meets dance is in my opinion amazing. It's so elegant and classic at the same time and that gave me some inspiration for upcoming summer, can't wait to try it out :-). Here are some pretty things to gaze on!

Even different kind of buns make me think of a lovely ballet. What I remember of my buns was less fun: they had to be tight as hell and lots of hairspray. Kind of a trauma if you ask me. The braided buns and loose ones below are just OH SO PRETTY!

Last Fall Valentino also did a collab with the New York City Ballet and created some awesome costumes. In my opinion: the bigger and colorful the costumes, the better! It was somewhat fairytale-like, romantic and dramatic at the same time and still classic enough for a recital. 

 Pictures from Pinterest and Vogue.com
I sure do like it and you??

Sabrina, x.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Menagerie ensemble.

Wearing: Scarf - mum / Trench coat - Mexx / Cardigan - WE / Top - H&M / Necklace - Primark / Bracelet - gift / Pants - Zara / Sneakers - Converse / Umbrella - vanHaren.

Last week I spent most of my days in drizzly Paris. Thanks again mon amour for the surprise! Of course I couldn't resist stopping by the world's oldest public menagerie. Unfortunately this also means that the animals are kept in rather small enclosures.. especially the wild cats. I hope they are planning on expanding or placing these beautiful creatures somewhere else.

Let's talk tops. I actually found a top that isn't made of that icky see-through fabric that feels awful when you even sweat for one tiny second. I can't even remember how many times I fancied a buttoned top or shirt and then I realised it was made of this gruesome fabric. Of course, like any other insane woman, I always think that this shirt will be different and I won't have any problems this time. WRONG! From sweat drop one I'm painfully reminded by the shivers down my spine that I absolutely loathe this fabric. That doesn't stop me from wearing it though, I paid my moneh! I just need a little preparation time and courage before I decide it's time again to put on the demon item. You can see the result of my last deed of bravery here.

Ah overreacting, it's my second nature. Anyone who knows me can confirm. Naomi, the drama queen, at your service! At least I make people laugh while doing so ;-).

Naomi, x

PS: You may have noticed that I have some purple strands in my hair, I'm waiting for it to turn lavender. Please turn lavender!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cat eyes everywhere.

Those cateye sunglasses are poppin' up everywhere lately. Makes me instantly think of Audrey Hepburn and Breakfast at Tiffany's. Amazing fashion icon and a lovely movie if I may say. Besides her, fashionista Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor fell in love with these sunnies. A true inspiration from the 1960s...

Don't judge me but if people can watch Astrid in Wonderland, Geordie Shore or Jersey Shore, I'm fully allowed to watch The Kardashians. The boyfriend sighs and laughs at the same time when I ask if that's on tv, but I don't care. Why do I watch it? That's just my non-thinking me-time. The eldest sister Kourtney was wearing them a lot in the episodes of Kim and Kourtney take Miami and in my opinion those Dita Savoy sunnies fit her perfectly. 

Cateye sunnies turned celeb-world upside down because lots of fashionistas are wearing them. From actors to models: Anne Hathaway, Miranda Kerr, Rihanna, Olivia Palermo, Nina Dobrev, LeAnn Rimes, Emma Rossum, Ashley Olsen, Paris Hilton, Sandra Bullock and I can go on..

Personally I don't easily buy lots of different sunglasses. Reason? Belgium knows only 20 days of sun during the year and sunnies can be so fragile that I'm afraid of losing or breaking them.. Sometimes my mom surprises me with things I don't like to spend money on and her argument is that I have to invest in a couple of expensive things instead of buying a bunch of cheap things that I will eventually lose, break or throw away. I fully agree on that but for now - as a student - I can't always afford that, so that will be for sure a thing I'll start doing when my account says KATCHIIING or in other words: when I have an actual job ;-). Less buying but more investment pieces. What do you think?

pictures by Justjared.com & thetrenddiaries.com
In february I got a pair of sunglasses and a coincidence or not, they're kinda cat eyes shaped but very subtle though because they're quite oversized. I wore them a couple of times now and I'm happy about them. But I must admit that aviators are my all-time weakness :-).

What are your favorite shaped sunglasses? Cat eyes, aviators, oversized, wayfarer, semi-rimmed, ..? Because let's be honest, it's not a must to follow the celeb- or fashion world in everything, right?!

Sabrina, x.

Monday, April 15, 2013

C'est Beau la Bourjoisie

Source: Glamloving

Lucky me was selected to test the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation. I took my time to test it thoroughly, so I could give you ladies my honest opinion.

Colour: I picked 'vanilla' but as you can see on the photos, it's a bit too dark for my winter porcelain skin. I don't like it when foundations make my face look browner, the colour of my neck always gives it away. I do think this colour will suit my sun-kissed skin in the summer very well. I recommend to try out every foundation on your face (your chin for example) before you buy it. I know the most convenient way is to test it on your hand, but you're not going to use it on your hand, are you now? ;-) I already noticed that a colour that blends nicely with the colour of my hand, can still be a tad too dark for my face. 

Application: The liquid foundation is very easy to apply. I sometimes switch between a foundation brush and my fingers, but both ways work properly. The liquid doesn't set immediately so you can keep on dividing it evenly onto your skin until you're completely satisfied. The pump system comes in handy to perfectly dose the amount of foundation you want to use. As you can see, I keep it to a minimum. I don't like to walk around with a mask all day.

Coverage: I have a lot of blemishes on my face, especially red & dry spots on my cheeks. On the other hand I also have a very greasy forehead and nose. It's the worst combination! I need a foundation that prevents my forehead and nose from getting greasy and doesn't make my dry spots worse at the same time. I must say that I wasn't too sure that a 'cheap' brand could make this happen. But when I put on the foundation, everything looks very good, you almost can't see that I have red & dry spots anymore. Everything feels very soft but not greasy. The real test, of course, is only after a couple of hours! Amazingly everything still feels the same and my feared greasy forhead is nowhere to be felt. 

Final verdict: I would definitely buy it again! Budget-friendly, easy application, and a satisfactory coverage. Don't expect miracles though, I still have to take care of my blemishes with other products. But I'm very pleased that the foundation doesn't make things worse!

I hope this information was useful, tips for future reviews are more than welcome.

Naomi, x.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

With love from Russia.

It's incredible. Everytime I look up pictures on Pinterest or a fashion website, I'm having the same reaction: ahmagad how can you be so perfect?  There aren't many women that I look up to but this one catches my eye every single time...

I'm talking about misses Miroslava Duma but I call her Mira Duma. It's like she's my friend that I'm giving her a nickname. Dream ooon Sabrina, dream ooon. 

She was a former editor at Harper's Bazaar Russia and founded Buro 24/7; a website filled with fashion, beauty, music and art news. For the moment it's a Russian website but they're thinking big like English, Spanish and French too. So Miss Mira, I'm waiting because for now I can only gaze at the pictures...To top it off, she's a freelance writer. I always admire fierce and independant ladies that contain a good handful of ambition and know what they want!  

Besides this Russian fashionista I must admit there's a Russian designer that's kind of an inspiration for me as well and goes by the name of Alexander Terekhov. I do want to point out that the fashion bizz in Russia is getting its stamp on the map and I'm very happy about that. This young designer is known for his classic yet modern silhouettes that scream femininity from far away. 

I don't have a specific style because being all-round is just so much beter when it comes to outfits and I certainly would like to own a piece of Mr. Terekhov someday (that is a piece of clothing of course). You can find silhouettes from the SS13 collection below. His collection consisted some good happy colors such as red, aqua, white and salmon used in different kind of prints.
Back to Mira. This lady knows how to combine colors and pieces of clothing. She's a true fashion cameleon and isn't afraid of using several bright colors to her wardrobe. Chic, casual, preppy, sporty, classic, sophisticated, ... I seriously can go on. Admire, admire, admire... I think I've said enough ;-).

All Duma's pictures are from Pinterest
Have a nice day ;-)!
Sabrina, x.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Maxi summer come to me

Thinking of summer and longing for summer, that's all I can say. Already planning my holiday trips in my head and discussing it with the ones that are joining me and looking up the must-do festivals. It's maybe soon to think about those things and I'm not sure what's going to happen in 3 months but at this point I really need some distraction from all the school stress that's piling up. That's one of the reasons I've been a little off the blog radar, mi scuzi for that!

Besides school and destinations, my head fills up with fashion ideas for summer (duh). My closet consists of a good collection of dresses and this year I'm thinking of going on the maxi skirt road (or short ones) and maybe a maxi dress?! I'm actually not sure this style would go for me (because I'm a shorty and have somewhat wide thighs). I've got already so many different styles and combo's in my head. So pretty please body of mine: agree with my mind. 

If it's not a match made in heaven I still can look at others, make inspirational pictures and dream of it ;-)!

Here's my Pinterest: Fashion Cravings for maxi all the way! 

Bright green, emerald, moss green,... You name it, I love it! A very classy style with lots of neck- and arm candy while the outfit is simple but stylish; that's just a real eye-catcher in my opinion. Or imagine being somewhere with rising temperatures and evenings are still enjoyable, you can wear a maxi skirt in boho style. This last picture would even go for me as a go-to-work outfit, looks comfortable and cute.

Next stop: a pinch of romance please. Creamy/white colour in combination with some navy blue or jeans elements, yes please! I wouldn't even care if my creamy skirt would get dirty, it looks like a fairytale outfit with a big vavavoom effect so that's good enough for me! Look at the middle picture, la Kirilove is owning that maxi outfit totally, magnifique.

And yes indeed, the neon has to be seen as well.. And if you ask me, it would go perfectly on a bright sunny day! The thing I love about neon is that you can make an edgy and tough outfit seem at the same time somewhat girly. Like that first picture, it was an immediate ahmaghaaad-reaction.

If you do know places where they're selling amazing mucho gusto maxi skirts, please do tell :-). What's your fashion idea for upcoming summer??

Sabrina, x.