Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Accessorize it.

This shoot failure was taken a long time ago by the look of the leafless trees. The lack of pictures just says enough but I did love the little combo of accessories I'd chosen that day. The gold touches in my outfits aren't something new but that's getting pretty obvious by my past outfits this year. The vest is a treasure - in my opinion - I found at Massimo Dutti 4 years ago. It was only a 2 min. walk from my dorm to the center aka the shops, so I did a lot of window shopping in Leuven. Of course there were many times when the urge to buy something was bigger than the discipline to abstain. Well.. what can I say? Girls just wanna have fun aka girls just wanna shop.

The lining of the jacket is blue/white striped and gives an extra touch to the vest. It's not that clear on the pictures but I've got another evening outfit in mind and I'll make sure to make some good pictures of it if I can find a photographer that can bare my insecurities. I wore this classic thing with some good old grey all stars. Those sneakers just go with everything. LOVE THAT MUCHO. If I would be a rich girl there would be a little dressing on the side for all the all stars I wan't to buy, in every freaking colorrrr!

Sabrina, x.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Life's a wave.

Wearing: Surfblend cap / H&M top & skirt / Zara heels

Just a quick ensemble I threw on because the sun was shining bright. I just got back from surf holiday which means no elaborate outfits or accessories. Mellowness! And ugly surfer tan lines, as depicted by photo 3.

The heels were my last purchase before my shopstop, and boy are they comfy! I was really in doubt because they came in two colours: coral red & turquoise. I'm happy with my decision but I wouldn't mind the other colour sneaking its way to my closet. It is always such a stressful decision; all of a sudden you can't remember which colours you already have hanging/sitting in your closet! Or am I the only one? :D

Right now I'm going to relish the cool rainy weather, oh I adore you (but only when I'm stuck at home).

Can someone photoshop the sun between our fingers?

Naomi, x.

Friday, July 26, 2013

In Bruges

Birthdays & anniversaries call for celebration and citytripping in your own country is always a recommendation! Since my boy likes old stories and history, Bruges was the perfect place to go. We stayed at Dukes' Palace, visited the Historium, climbed the Belfry and enjoyed the beautiful historical buildings. 

All I can say: Visit Bruges if you haven't already ;)!

P.S.: Sorry Dukes' Palace I raided your L' Occitane toiletries, I just couldn't resist..

Naomi, x.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

It was someones birthday yesterday...

This is what you get when you were dance partners for about 8 years, have a common interest in music, fashion and again dancing and when you call each other Babien and Bobien: an awesome buddy you can call your friend. To make some things clear: Babien = Sabrina and Bobien = Dorien, our once and a while guestblogger!
Yesterday it was her birthday and it was time for some serious catching up. Due to her busy schedule with working and travelling and me being behind my books and laptop all the time, we're always in contact through sms. Yes, we are that kind of texting-generation. It's quick and easy. But a lovely cocktail makes chit chat always so much better, right?!
Because it's thursday today a lot of peepz like to post a ThrowBackThursday picture on Twitter or whatever but I thought to bring a TBT blogpost! A little jump back in time brings up so many lovely memories. It aren't pictures when we were young little strangers, but a couple of them over the past 7 or 8 years, I think?!

And again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY lovely Blonde :-).

Sabrina, x.

Monday, July 22, 2013


Wearing: Urban Outfitters sweater / Zara top / Topshop necklace / Levi's jeans / Primark snake print sandals / Forever21 shoulder bag

Obviously this isn't the outfit I was wearing today, melt alert. These pictures date back from the beginning of July, right before I left on my surf holiday. I really wanted my hair strands to be dyed purple again. Semi-permanent hair dye doesn't go well with sun & seawater duh, but it was fun to see my hair go lighter day by day. 

Also working my favourite sweater for warm days, made out of light material and a buttload of fashionable holes. The necklace I'm wearing was destined to be my favourite animal necklace but then out of nowhere it decided to break after a week or so.. I hate unreliable necklaces. Luckily my darling Babsie (pssst that's my nickname for Sabrina) gave me a new reason of existence: a flamingo necklace ♥!

Now I have to go, the ball and chain needs me. Thesisses are so needy..

Naomi, x.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Scotland the Brave.

I'll take the high road and you'll take the low road,
and I'll be in Scotland before you.
For me and my true love will never meet again
on the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond.

In total I've spent about 11 weeks in Scotland the past year and I must say that it really left an impression on me. The best way to describe my experiences: rich culture, heartwarming people, and delightful panoramas. Since I was there to work on my thesis, outfit pictures weren't a priority, and my limited clothing options didn't help either (20kg, seriously?). But then one weekend my mum and a friend came to visit, losgeheeen! We shopped till we dropped and visited the Scottish Highlands and Glenturret whisky brewery. They can talk about the vanilla, fudge, soft.. flavours all they want, I'm never going to like that intoxicating stuff. 

Delicious granola at Leo's Beanery
Forth Road Bridge & Forth bridge
Jamie's Italian (book ahead!)


Naomi, x.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

New in | Jimmy Choo

Give me something blue and someting glitter like and you'll make me a happy girl and this time it was both. SCORE! I normally don't bring posts about what's new in my closet but Naomi said "just do it guuuurrlll" and I thought, okay why not, for everything there's a first time.

Breaks during exams are mainly eating, sleeping and some online shopping ofcourse and June was no different from that. From the moment I saw these pretty Jimmy Choo's it was love at first sight. Hesitation was out of the question and I purchased them immediately. There were no regrets since that moment and with the beautiful sun and temperatures in our petit Belgique right now, these pretty ones are sparkling all the way. To be 100 % honest, I've never had shoes - besides all stars - that felt so comfortable. I'll soon make an outfit post! What do you think: yay or nay?!

Have a lovely day!
Sabrina, x.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Casual it is.

I've been postponing my school work for already 2 days. Yeah, I'm good at doing that but I've decided to be laid back until saturday/sunday. The next couple of days are filled boyfriend-time, bbq with friends and other fun, lazy stuff. That means in terms of clothing being as casual as you can. No worries, there are no joggings included but rather easy stuff to wear and no soar feet because those shoes are just so pretty but hurt as hell. 

Couple of weeks ago in France I went completely laid back when we stayed home: during the day shorts and a top and during the evening some jeans. From the moment we went out for dinner or something else I couldn't go without my dresses though ;-). Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of those outfits, stupid me!

That was all for today ;-)!
Sabrina, x.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Comme un Dieu en France

Wearing: Dress - Macys / Cardigan - Newlook / Sandals - River Island / Sunglasses - Zalando (c/o Oona) / Watch - Michael Kors / Bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs
Oh yes, I'm still alive ;-). After my finals I decided to be impulsive and make a trip to La Douce France with one of my best friends. In dire need of a break and it was wonderful. 

We have a getaway in the Burgundy region and it's only a 6 hour drive. If you're in need of a (long) weekend or a week with lots of delicious wines, winetasting, food and feeling comme un Dieu en France, this is the place to be ;-). It's our Chateau de la Grange which you can rent whenever you want and the price depends on the number of people and the length of your stay. Each stay will be arranged personally with my mom so that your stay will be your ultimate desired holiday.

Our trip was really fantastic with temperatures around 32° and combining markets, shopping, going out and lying in the sun. IT.WAS.HEAVEN.

I'm looking up several holiday destinations for September. If you have any recommendations, do tell :-)! My results were awesome and from tuesday my focus will be dissertation, dissertation, dissertation that has to be handed in by August 22. So after that I will be in dire need of another perfect sunny holiday! 

Until next time ;-)!
Sabrina, x.