Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bow ties with an attitude

Bow ties would be my absolute addiction if I would be a boy. For sure. I've always found them much more elegant than a regular tie. Seeing men with a bow tie gives more ümpfh to the entire outfit. What do you think?! I instantly melt when my boyfriend wears one and there's only 1 thing that comes to mind: 'mmmmm-mmmm'

You've got them in all sizes, colors, patterns and styles. Bow tie heaven if you ask me! Here's a little moodboard which makes me go crazy. My boyfriend is very difficult when it comes to gifts but I sure know when the time is right and he needs a classy new one, I would be very glad to start searching for the perfect bow tie online/offline! As long as you keep your outfit dark, neutral or simple, go bonkers with the bow tie!

I'm absolutely not the know-it-all when it comes to brands but labels like Brooks BrothersForage and Monsieur Jean Yves have a pretty collection.

That's my inspiration for now!
Sabrina, x.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Music Musings

From my previous Music Musings it's quite obvious that I'm a big fan of Stromae. This time I chose for Humain à l'eau. Such an upbeat song that pumps up my Monday! Hopefully no blue Monday that is. *fingers crossed*

Last Saturday was a big night for the Belgian music scene: De Mia's. And it was no surprise for me that Stromae would go for the big win. Such a big win that Alex Callier from Hooverphonic said during his speech as a semi-joke he was happy that Stromae wasn't in one of the nominations so that they had the chance to win a MIA. Stromae went home with 8 MIA's and he deserved it. Great songs, special lyrics and an awesome présence

Cheers to Monday!
Sabrina, x.

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Guess who? - A

By now you probably know that I love my fair share of oversized garments, so when this sweater came in sight, I let my mum pay for it immediately. Unemployment has its perks too, yeah. With a big fat 'A' across my chest, how could I not make the connection with Pretty Little Liars (PLL for friends). For a while I was a bit 'bleh' about the episodes, insufficient story progress and stuff, but now things are really heating up again. I'm already looking forward to next week! What do you think about the series?

Naomi, x.

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Cologne through my lens

Well, actually it's more of a 'Cologne Christmas markets through my lens'. Aah Christmas... you can imagine how long these pictures have been lingering on my desktop. I could say that I was waiting for snow to make this post but then I would be lying. Honesty above all. 

A while back, when animals still talked I believe, the fearsome foursome headed over to Cologne for some well deserved glühwein. Sabrina, Dorien, Debra and I stayed in an amazing loft, discovered new foods, and soaked up enough Christmas spirit to last 'till next year. 

Now, let me take you back to December. Enjoy!