Thursday, November 29, 2012

Graphic print.

Sinterklaas came early this year and gave me a new top & cardigan. I must have been on my best behaviour. If you want a Sinterklaas present too, just enter our giveaway! Maybe Santa can bring me a new camera, pwetty please? So I can start taking some blogworthy pictures for crying out loud! Frustrations..

I really like the fitting of this top, tight in the right places (not my tummy area obviously). The shiny fabric ensures the right amount of class, and the little lemoncoloured details match well with the cardigan. Probably Esprit's evil master plan!

Don't you just love the blurriness of these pictures? Okay, I'll stop, I think I made my point here. My tassel earrings are an exam-period-purchase, the best time to shop online. One of my favourite pairs. They can make every outfit look chic. The boots come from Nine West in New York, love at first sight. Now tell me, what's not to love about them? Way ahead as always when it comes to fashion (ahum), I bought them more than a year ago, anticipating the military trend ;).

Wearing: Earrings - Urban Outfitters / Top - Esprit / Cardigan - Esprit / Bracelet - Deep Devotion / Pants - Zara / Boots - Nine West.

Naomi, x.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Walking around in M-town - aka Mechelen - you’ll stumble upon, literally, the smallest shop there is. We present you a walhalla of jewelry: Simple Comme Bonjour

Immediately drawn by the beautiful  window display, you can’t help yourself to go and take a closer look... Simple Comme Bonjour stands for elegant and timeless pieces. 

These handmade jewels are crafted with love and lot's of attention by the pleasant shop owner Inneke. Whenever in need of a unique piece, this is the place to be. Even if you can't seem to find exactly what you had in mind, she comes to your rescue! Customized necklaces, earrings and bracelets to your every need.

The 4 of us are already hooked on her designs and now it's your time to enjoy the loveliness. 

How? Very simple: by following the instructions below, you'll make a chance of winning one of these romantic earrings! The 6th of December we will see which 2 girls were good this year ;-)!
  1. Write a comment with your name, which item you would like to win (N°1 or N°2) AND e-mail address
  2. Follow us on Facebook and Bloglovin' if you haven't already
  3. Like Simple Comme Bonjour on Facebook
  4. Keep spreading the fashionlove! 
The lovely ladies who won: Lotte K. & Sofie H.

These are the giveaways:                        
Prize N° 1
Prize N° 2


Good Luck!!
Note: Sorry this giveaway is only valid in Belgium! 

DYL, x.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Touch of London.

If I can't go to London right now, I'll bring some London to my outfit. The hat, of course ;-)...

This was an outfit I wore on saturday for a romantic date with the boyfriend. We went to Brussels to experience a new cuisine: Ethiopian food at KoKoB. The Ethiopian tradition is eating with your hands and we didn't mind doing that at all. It was funny seeing how we struggled in the beginning but it was delishhhhhhhh. For food-lovers: this is a must-do restaurant!

Let's talk outfit now. I'm very picky in finding the right hat but I do love it when seeing other people wearing it. But eventually I found a kind of London bowler hat and a friend of mine convinced me to buy it so et voila... 

I was wearing a warm-winter poncho as well. I mostly wear this coat with my dresses because it's so easy! Again, wearing lot's of dark colors but I do try to accessorize it with flashy, funky colors, like my scarf. Neon enough? 

Wearing: Bowler Hat: H&M / Poncho: Morgan et toi / Dress: Riverisland / Hosiery: House of Fraser / Scarf: H&M / Statement Necklace: WE / Boots: Absolutely don't remember! / Clutch: Vila.

Btw: I'm looking for a neon yellow scarf, so if you have any suggestions: PLEASE DO TELL! Thanks ;-)!

'Till next time. 
Sabrina, x.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gala Glamour

I look marvelous, right? I never knew my hair could look so voluminous! Inspired by vintage goddess Kerry, I asked my mum to transform my hair into a genuine beehive for a gala. Instant glamour! You like the result?

(Also a big preview of my next outfitpost)

 Sorry ozone layer for all the hairspray..

With the Birthday Girl

Instagram ❘ aardbeienroomijs

It's funny to see all the different picture qualities, or actually it's not.. I really need to get myself a proper camera! My loyal little camera hasn't been the same since the sandy plains in Tanzania. Sometimes I can even make better pictures with my iPhone, just saying. I also have one semi-decent picture of my awesome platform sandals. I was so happy that I finally had an occasion to wear them and then one of my heels came loose in the middle of the night.. Luckily I also brought a pair of snake print sandals.

I even liked my hair the day after, what I wouldn't give to have more and thicker hair! 

After this picture overload, I'll leave you with Kerry's hair tutorial video:

Wearing: earrings - Urban Outfitters; Dress - Nümph (via Lily); platform sandals - Nelly.

Naomi, x.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Miranda Kerr goes Mango


Fashion alert! Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr will be the newest face of Mango's SS 2013 collection! As I am a Mango-addict, I thought it is perfect to share this with everyone!

This Aussie lady will be stepping into Kate Moss' stilettos and I'm pretty sure she'll do it avec grande classe. She already covered for great magazines such as GQ, Esquire and Vogue and  she was also the face of Maybelline New York. This girl knows how to rooooolll!


Misses Kerr was very delighted about the collaboration with Mango. She loves everything about this Spanish label and to say it in her words:

Mango is a brand that I love. You always find the perfect garment for every occasion!

I can't wait to see the prints of this new campagne but most of all I'm so excited about the new collection! I'll be posting my favorite items for Spring Summer 2013 very soon ;-)!


Sabrina, x.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Random Wish list

Dear Saint-Nicholas, Santa, Boyfriend, Friends or anyone else who feels the uncontrollable urge to buy me presents

These are some of the things I need  want:

1. Item number one. I absolutely love this two-tone boyfriend coat! Very simple, bold and yet I think feminine at the same time.

Coat- Mango

Coat- Mango 

2.  I’m a big fan of little black dresses (on the other hand who isn’t?). With the Holidays coming up this black, simple but detailed dress is just perfect. You could make it your own by adding accessories but I would customize this dress by wearing extravert make-up, Big green Smokey eyes all the way !! 

Dress - Mango

3. And of course shoes! No wish list of any (sane) woman would be complete without shoes.

Shoes- Massimo Dutti

So there you have it my wish list for the moment!  

Note: Feel free to ask for my size if you indeed have the urge to buy me these things ;) A girl can dream right?

Lots of greetings!! 

Currently listening to Florence and the machine – Landscape
Elke, x.