Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Hair-Files

Here you have it, most of my hairstyles of the past six years. As you might have noticed, I get bored easily when it comes to my hair. Different cut, colour or style? I'm in! All in all the changes over the past years have been rather basic, nothing too crazy. I must admit that I have a secret weapon... my mum is a hairdresser ;-).

When I was younger, most of the time I had curls in my hair. Yes, granny perm! I just hate flat hair. It's always the same story: girl with flat hair wants curls, girl with curls wants flat hair. Now I'm just going with the flow of my hair, quirky waves it is! Since my Joico experience (picture 16), I'm really hooked on colouring my hair. Before I only wanted colour shampoo, because it fades out evenly. But what's the point if after a month your hair just has its orginal colour back?

Nowadays I'm an ombre chick. The funny thing is that unlike most devotees I didn't bleach the ends of my hair. Ha! My light ends are actually a remnant of my red colour (photo 19), bleached by the sun.

What to do next? Any ideas? Shoot! I really want bangs, but my hair and forehead are way too greasy, sometimes I still feel like I'm in puberty.. Maybe some new colours?


Naomi, x.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

San Diego Recap

These cold days make me think of last summer. If you want to combine shopping, nature, beaches, culture, nightlife and lots of food, then San Diego is a place you sure have to put on your to-do-list! My multicultural family with lots of different nationalities gives me an easier way to travel the world and San Diego was 1 of those places. My first far-away trip with my boyfriend and it was a-mazing :-)!

The Zoo

We literally took a whole day for the San Diego Zoo and it was something memorable. It's like you're walking in a jungle. So many different plants, animals, herbs and even vegetables and fruits. The park was so big you could go by bus but we sporty ones did it by walk and it was about 43°, yup gallons of water! And I had the pleasure of having my private biologist with me ;-).

Americans love to eat
We avoided as much as we could the typical "all-you-can-eat" places, because the one time we did try it, my tummy didn't agree with it... But they do have a lot of nice restaurants over there! The thing is: you have the cheap ass all-you-can-eat bars and then you have the véry chique places. The prices were actually the same as in Belgium, only tipping was a big part of the check. We didn't eat sweet stuff but I took a lot of pictures of them, it's just so damn pretteeehhh

Spicy all the way

Also visited Old Town. Lots of Mexican bars, restaurants and the history of San Diego. Even Mexican dancers performing in a kind of patio while you can enjoy a Margarita. BUT then we found this little shop full of SPICY SAUCES! People who know us: we love our food spicy; the more, the better. Our friends always laugh by the sound of "ugh, this isn't spicy enough, right?". Of course we bought a couple of bottles from here ;-).

The city of Angels
Visiting LA & Hollywood was also a nice experience but it was réally tourist-minded so it was nice to see everything but I wouldn't go there again. But I did pass Rodeo Drive and thàt was HEAVEN! Chanel, Michael Kors, Givenchy,... When I'm earning the big bucks, I'll get my Chanel bag, haha!

Let's go to the beach

2 summers ago we went surfing in Spain with a bunch of friends but the surfing in the Golden State, woaaaah! First snorkeling and saw yellow sharks just a couple of inches from us. They're not dangerous, I think? I'm not sure if it's the right name, I should confirm with my biologist. I only remembered the word "shark" that made me hyper! After that we went surfing in the afternoon. I'm a little girl and those waves were biiiiig.   

Let's dance into the night
Thanks to my cousin we enjoyed also some unexpected VIP-treatment, which was awesome. Last party of the year next to the beach, lovely cocktails, a sunset as a view and great music. It says it all... 

Culture & Landscapes

We actually didn't know that there were so many nice places to visit. The picture above is at Blacks Beach, it's a dangerous place in terms of surfing and stuff but an amazing sight.

The last night with fireworks and a romantic view!
And then we came back to Belgium...
 I'm a curious little one! Soooo, what are your plans for Summer 2013?

Ciao Bellas, 

Sabrina, x.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cheetah hipster.

Wearing: Sweater - Suncoo (Zalando) / Necklace - Gift / Dress worn as top - Billion Dollar Babes / Jeans - Levi's / Boots - Van Haren

Of course I'm also the proud owner of a cat sweater, what did you expect? I unconditionally adore the whole cat family, my favourite carnivores! So obviously I can't complain that the shops nowadays are stuffed with pretty cat garments. The only downside is that I developed a new pet peeve.. Yes I'm that kind of person :D. I think most people can agree that wearing T-shirts of music bands you don't even listen to is really lame. Well, my dear readers, not knowing which cat is depicted on your sweater does the trick for me. How many times I've seen people talking about their tiger sweater, when actually they were wearing a leopard sweater, you have no idea. Horripilation all the way (I would say goosebumps but those aggressive birds really give me the creeps)! I'm so petty sometimes ;-).

Moving on! I wore this outfit to my final exam, mammalogy. How appropriately dressed can someone be, right? This month it was, and still is, really comfort above all. The cold weather isn't helping either, I just want to watch series all day cuddled up under a big blanket wearing my comfy sweatpants. Any (new) series I should try out? Winter outfit inspiration is definitely lacking at the moment. A ticket to the sun over here please!

To stay in theme: I recently bought this cute ringholder. I've lost a couple of rings in the past by misplacing them and I'm sure as hell not going to let that happen to my new ring.

Ringholder - Urban Outfitters / Bow ring - Just Julia

Naomi, x.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Bluette for your dress

Belts have been inevitable in the fashion world. Decorative or more functional, these handy ones are, in my opinion, the basics you must have in your wardrobe. 

Maybe you've had similar situations as mine... You've got many different dresses that fit nicely with your shoes and bag but there is still something missing? A divine belt... And let's face it, the Italian ones are always a good purchase, no?

Ladies that are in search of a waist belt to pimp up your dress, make sure to take a look at the Bluette side (click on the link for the whole collection). This label brings the belt to a whole new level. Why? Very simple: they serve us several different styles, colors and always with a subtle finishing touch

We all have different styles and our own favorite color in the SS13 collection and Bluette kept that in mind. Colors such as coral, lake blue, mint green and Barbie-pink will add a pinch of beautiness to your outfit.

Some Chanel, Clio or Chloe? No no, we're not talking about the haute couture labels but the names of the belts ;-). You've got a nice range of belts with its own name. That's what I call an extra fashion touch to your wardrobe!

The Pony belts look really nice. Tell us, what's your favorite one?

Sabrina, x.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Purple tones in a snowy dream.

Wearing: Coat - Oxbow / Scarf & Hat - DIY by the mommy / Pants - Vila / Cardigan & Blouse - Stradivarius / Boots - UGG

The weather is going bonkers lately but the landscapes are prettier, no?! Since the snow has hit our little country, I can't stop thinking: "ohhh, I wish I was at a ski resort in the Alpes right now...".

This year there is no skiing for me sadly enough. As I'm graduating this year, I would like to make a longer summer trip than usual. So I had to make a choice and that brings me to my New Year's resolution: less buying clothes and more saving up for a memorable trip. Hopefully I'll survive this semi-torture ;-). 

Sooooo, if I can't go skiing, I'll just wear an outfit that makes me think I'm in the mountains! Ulta casual outfit and the coat, well.. that's just sporty all the way.

Like the Blogger from another mother (aka Naomi) mentioned in her previous post, lately we've been looking up things that have Lilac tones. Our minds work as 1 sometimes. Anywhooo, as Lilac is coming up as a more popular color, this ski-coat is already 2 years old. I'm way ahead of fashion trends, whuuut?!

I've added purple pants with a print which are amazingly comfortable and a self-made scarf and hat by la mama. It was freaking cold to show you the whole outfit. But I've kept it all very simple: a purple cardigan and black blouse.

I know it's dangerous with a headphone that pumps up crazy music while skiing/snowboarding, but I only do it when there aren't a lot of people around me and no volume 100 for me ;-). Enjoy!

Have a pretend-as-we're-going-skiing-'cause-we-love-it-day!
Sabrina, x.