Monday, July 21, 2014

Bloggers on instagram...

... always sit by the window on planes. 
(@chiaraferragni, @vhby, @curlsandbags, @lovelypepa, @mayabogaert)

... have mad presentation skills. 
(@annanooshin, @fashionbirds, @lalalisha, @wishwishwish, @thefashionloonatic)

... have a mild drinking problem.
(@brunetteblogging, @elenaplentyofashion, @dogsandresses, @70percentpure, @sara_windowonmywardrobe)

... have pineapple fetishes.
(@dressyourlife_, @dogsanddresses, @charliehie, @troprouge, @songofstyle)

... are sometimes confused where the camera is.
(@fashionhoax, @adashoffashblog, @hoardoftrends, @pielaun, @curlsandbags)

... have cooler pool attributes than you.
(@valentinehello, @bettyautier, @rooftopantics, @dogsanddresses, @lovelypepa)

... can't eat without sunglasses by their side.
(@sincerelyjules, @tuulavintage, @nathaliekemna, @galagonzalez, @valentinehello)

... don't read magazines without the right amount of accessories.
(@ameliederycke, @cindyvandyck, @billieroseblog, @joppe_dc, @adenorah)

... like sitting in their bed for no reason.
(@wishwishwish, @nathaliekemna, @lovelypepa, @bonnenuit_madame, @gingerdiaries)

... have the cutest pets.
(@thewhitestudio, @dressyourlife_, @mayabogaert, @sofievalkiers, @merrynathalie)

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