Sunday, March 31, 2013

This would be my Easter Brunch

Happy Easter everyone!

Hope you will receive lots of chocolate eggs and other sweets with an additional lovely brunch or dinner. It's a way-back tradition that my mom makes a huge brunch or dinner for the family after the Easter hunt in our garden. And with huge I just mean ginormous ;-). My closest and oldest friends know how the kitchen rolls at la casa Dewitte; that are endless dishes with - in my opinion - yummy food! 

I'm hoping that in the future I can treat my mom and others to a lovely brunch as well, but maybe less big... Ok, hold on. What am I saying?!! I caught that overload cooking virus already.   

Anywhooo... I was thinking about lots of different salads and other stuff I would make and looked up some pictures from Pinterest just to give you an idea. The "recipes" next to the pictures are my own :-). Besides tasty dishes the typical pistolets and koffiekoeken have to be part of a great brunch with different cheeses, ham, salami, marmalade to make your sandwiches complete. And to be honest, you can have the following dishes for any kind of brunch or family/friends get together!

Have a look and tell me what you would like to have as an option on the buffet table ;-)!

Greek salad

This one is a MUST on my brunch and although I like the authentic salad paysanne I'm going with a twist: 

- lettuce (I prefer a soft mixed variation)
- different kinds of tomatoes (colors and size)
- cucumber 
- red onion
- scrumbled feta cheese 
- crunched bacon bits
- olive oil
- pepper and salt 
- balsamico vinegar
- fresh mint leaves

Bake some stripes of bacon until they're dark brown (but not burned!). Let them dry on a  piece of paper towel. As a finishing touch you crunch the bacon in your hands and sprinkle it on your salad. 

While the oil of your bacon is still hot in the pan, add the balsamico vinegar (be careful). Just make sure not to use all of the oil of course, we don't want a lot of greaseness, just a little will do! And sprinkle this also on your big bowl of salad. Finish off with a some olive oil, pepper and salt.

Grilled Zucchini Roll-ups

- zucchini (as much as your table needs) 
- peppers you get in a jar (that are soaked in oil) 
- chilli pepper 
- garlic
- olive oil
- oregano 
- pepper and salt 
- goat cheese

For the marinade: chop the chilli peppers as small as you can and the same goes for the garlic. Add them to a bowl with olive oil, pepper, salt, oregano and other dried herbs of your choice! Slice the zucchini in thin long slices and marinade them. 

Grill them and let them cool off for a little while. Then add the goat cheese and pieces of pepper and roll them up!

You can also put some basil in the rolls (found that on Pinterest). I would personally also add some pepper and other herbs to the goat cheese and mix it up well before adding it to the rolls. 

Pancake galore

A brunch means in Sabrina terms a mix of sweet and salty stuff on the table, so here you go :-). 

- everything you need to make pancakes (favorably little ones)
- strawberries, blueberries, bananas, pineapple
- sugar (white/brown), maple syrup
- whipped cream

Go crazy with this if you want. Make tons of little pancakes. Slice all of the fruits you would like to have in different pieces. Present them all in different bowls next to the whipped cream, maple syrup and sugar. Nothing more to say to that I think ;-). Everyone has choice of different supplements = happy people!

An alternative is to make your pancakes salty and then you can serve it with feta cheese, tomatoes, smoked salmon, chives, goat cheese, ...

And if you're a waffle-lover, no need to hesitate then ;-)

Fruit salad

My ultimate favorite fruits are melons and watermelon and these are in my opinion also super nice to add to a big bowl of fruit salad!

- watermelon
- different melons 
- pomegranate 
- grape fruit
- oranges 
- strawberries
- bananas
- apples 
- lime juice 
- mint leaves

Most simple thing anyone can make, right? Just slice everything in different pieces. 

Once I tried to make it very pretty like the picture here (for the melon, watermelon and grape fruit) but that took a lot of my time I didn't actually had... If it's for a small group, you can have a go at it ;-).

As finishing touch I would add a little lime juice and a bunch of mint leaves, gives it a fresh taste!

Pasta salad

I'm a huge pasta-lover so a pasta salad seems appropriate for a brunch/late lunch, no? 

I would opt for several cold pasta dishes (for veggies, meatlovers, etc...).

- pesto genovese
- allumettes de bacon/prosciutto
- cherry tomatoes
- garlic
- olive oil/pepper/salt/chilli pepper powder/...

- black olives/feta cheese/red onion/pepper
- cherry tomatoes/cucumber 
- olive oil/pepper/salt/dried herbs/...

- tuna
- red onion
- corn 
- red beans
- mayo/lime juice/pepper/salt/chilli pepper/...

Ok, I seriously can go on with other ideas such as fruit-granola parfaits, grilled asparagus sprinkled with goat cheese and walnuts, frittata, quiche, muffins and sooooo much more...

Have a lovely sunday and enjoy it to the fullest!

Sabrina, x.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cocktail-'o-clock with Cointreau

Want to try out something new that involves cocktails? 

This past weekend we decided to do something different and having read lots of reviews about the Cointreau Fizz Garden my curiosity-antenne was on a roll! So we decided to go to Brussels and visit this magnificant garden. Although it was snowing outside, the interior gave me an immediate spring/summer feeling! 

And I must admit it was cosy. The room was provided with different places to sit; in that way we had a lovely tête-à-tête. It was filled with amazing flowers (by Thierry Boutemy!), from the ceiling to the walls and tables were decorated with exotic fruits. Hmm-mm-mmm!

This fairy tale garden wasn't only delightful for the eyes but also for our taste buds with their cocktails. You can choose out of 14 cocktails and they all have special ingredients such as the Cointreau Fizz with Cucumber and Basil or even with Cherry tomatoes. They also served the common cocktails like a Margaritha and Sidecar but with a splash of Cointreau of course. If you want to put an extra personal touch to it, that's possible as well. I actually never tried Cointreau before that night, weird right? But it was very tasty. Personally I wouldn't drink lots of cocktails with Cointreau in it just because it has - for me - a distinct flavor. But certainly something to remember for my upcoming summer garden party (yes, it is too early to think about it but I don't care).

And a guest DJ (differs from day to day) made the atmosphere complete. What more can I say? Good setting, good music and good drinks. If you have the time and craving for a summer mood with cocktails, do try it out. Doors open from 18:30 on thursday, friday and saturday.

Cointreau Fizz Garden 
Wolvengracht 48
1000 Brussel

Sabrina, x. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Estall Magic

Last Thursday we were invited by dynamic duo Marnix & Ally to discover a new design concept: dress your lamp. Needless to say, we were immediately charmed by the idea. With our blog we want to convey the message that everyone's life is unique and that you have to 'dress' it in your own way. Interior design is a very convenient way of expressing yourself, so what's better than a lamp that you can dress according to your mood, interior decoration, season, time of day,... 

For Wouter and Ainhoa it all began when they gazed in awe at hundreds of colorful paper lanterns, lighting up the dark sky in Vietnam. They wanted to bring this magic into people's homes and embarked on a two year design adventure. Eventually this led to the establishment of Estall and a first collection of lamps and coats.

Wouter Allaert & Ainhoa Estella

Estall's first lamp is called DL 01. The lamp is available with a pendel for hanging or a base for standing. As a nice bonus, the lamp also fits most standard light fixtures, if you already have a spot for it at home ;-).

The first collection of coats is called Journey and consist of 11 colours. All coats are made of 100% wool felt, which gives a special touch to the lighting, different for every colour. 

At the event we received a short presentation about the collection and straightaway it was clear that this brand strives for simplicity and elegance. The coats are really easy to switch, I examined it myself ;-)

Estall magic
superb location & tasty treats
Starting today you can explore the brand yourself on their website or facebook page. In my mind I'm already decorating my loft-to-be.. How do you want your lamp dressed?

Thanks again to Marnix & Ally for having us!

Naomi, x.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lets talk jeans!

The Flared look

They come in different sizes, shapes, colors and I’m quite sure everybody owns one. You wore them when you were just a little cute toddler, when you were an annoying teenager, when you were in High school trying to be all cool and sophisticated and I’m pretty sure you’ll be wearing them when you’re a granny working in the garden, nagging about ‘de jeugd van tegenwoordig’ or having tea with the girls! Let’s face it jeans are just awesome bottoms! You can go completely casual by combining them with some sneakers or finishing the look with some pumps to dress it up! 

I have always opted for the skinny jeans. When slapping on an oversized blouse (and thus covering the ‘problem zone’ being my hips and thighs) it does wonders for my figure! But recently I have been eyeing the flared one and although I hate buying and being in trend ‘the Boyfriend jeans’. Here’s some jeans inspiration! 

The Boyfriend jeans

The High Waist look

For whenever (that is IF ever) the sun shines again, the Short jeans look!

So which model is your favorite (all images and many more via Pinterest)?

Elke, x

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dress modern.

Don't we look retrolicious?

Wearing: Dress - Fever (via Lily Mechelen) / Cardigan - Esprit / Necklace - gift / Flats - Forever 21 / Hair - Kapsalon Kontrast Mechelen

This is 50s style me, nice to meet you.

When there's a fun dresscode, I go full out! Maybe I should do a post on my themed outfits? Yes, it will be fun, she said. 

I loved the dress from the first moment I saw it at the Lily fashion show. My wallet didn't agree, but as luck would have it I have a very good friend: Mr. Sale. Maybe you know him? He helped me buy my dress and velvet (♥) flats. Of course I had to buy new stuff for this event, that makes it even more fun! Right now I'm on a shopstop. I wonder how long that is going to work out.. Anyone wants to place a bet? ;-)

Naomi, x.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Top it off with a cupcake.

Wearing: Coatigan & Bag - Riverisland / Dress - H&M / Shoes - All Stars / Scarf - Pimkie / Watch - Michael Kors / Pinup Button - Six / Sunnies - Ralph Lauren / Belt - Mulberry

Is it obvious I'm craving for some sun again? What I love about Leuven is that from the moment there is some sun, the whole park fills up with students. Love it.

I went for an all pink palet that day. Mostly I start with accessories and then I start picking out my outfit. Is that wrong? For me it isn't because I'm more of an accessory girl, so more choice and easier in my opinion. The sneakers were a present for my birthday back in January, that's the reason why they're still stainless ;-).

I'm guilty to a collection of big bags because they're just so damn easy for big amounts of crap crucial stuff. This one is my go-to-uni bag, laptop fits perfectly in it. But it's also good enough as a small weekend bag. If I would do a "what's in my bag"-post, you'll be surprised what I carry with me all day...

Ahhh yes, can't forget my little cupcake! Most of the time if I go shopping I also look for the little things. While others say to me 'what are you going to do with THAT?', I just say: 'wait and see'. Et voila, I've added a little sweet cupcake to the coatigan! 

Check out the crowd!

Have a good day!
Sabrina, x.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Things I like!

Things I'm craving

Here’s a small selection of some of the things I want. Really like the shamrock necklace! Happy Saint Patrick's Day !!
Have a lovely lazy Sunday!


Elke, x

Friday, March 15, 2013

A splash of colour.

Wearing: Cardigan - Urban Outfitters / T-shirt - H&M / Trousers - WE / Sneakers - Converse all stars / Starfish ring - H&M / Purse - Primark (via Fashion & Politics) / Scarf - gift

Colour is my middle name, especially when the sun is shining outside. The t-shirt, trousers and ring are recent purchases. Pre-spring shopping is fun! It lightens your mood immediately. I really like the coloured specks on my t-shirt, it's as if I had a fight with an army of fluorescent markers. When I saw the starfish ring, I immediately grabbed it of the rack. I mean animal-shaped rings, how can I resist?
Hi, my name is Naomi and I'm an animalaholic.
Can't wait to stroll the sunny streets again. I'm going to be so grumpy if it's still this crappy weather when it's my birthday. Mock my words!

Naomi, x.