Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hello dreamers.

My dear bloglovers! Long time no see, right?

With my head in the clouds, being a full-time dreamer, I tend to wander off sometimes..

But as of today, I’m back in business beauties! As a guestblogger I’m gonna try to surprise you with an unexpected little blogpost now and then..

As a way of re-welcoming you and re-introducing myself, I’d like to invite you and show you around in my own little soft colored, pastel tinted and romantic bohemian-like fashion world.

Yes I do live on a big pink cloud sometimes, and I love it!

So be my guest, feel welcome and dream away..

Outfit nr. 1

Wearing: Zara cut out shoulder top / Zara jeans / Jubylee by Feminine cardigan / Torfs shoes

Outfit nr. 2

Wearing: Forever 21 shirt / H&M maxi skirt / Urban Outfitters necklace

PS: Here are some of my latest (new and all-time) inspirations!

The bewildering and pure beauty and style of GIRLS actress Jemima Kirke

My favorite movie of all time *Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain*
& me at the 'Café des 2 Moulins' in Paris last weekend :)

The Facebook community 'Rebelle Society', check it out! ;)

Now go live… you wicked, sexy thing, you.
(Rebelle Society)


Saturday, May 25, 2013

I spy with my little eye

I thought, instead of uploading things I wish were in my closet when I'm strolling around town, why not make a post of it? So I did, obviously. I'm always drawn to prints, animals and colors. I'm pretty sure it shows. I already bought some of the items in my list here -woops- can you guess which ones? Free hint available here.

Get it while it's hot!

Hunkemöller - €9,99/scarf
Urban Outfitters - €10/each

Why stop with the popular flamingo glasses, when you can have an entire safari park residing in your cupboard.

Zara - €16,95
River Island - €33
Zara - €25,95

I would totally see myself wearing this as an outfit; sitting on a pier, surrounded by a white beach, sipping on a Lazy Red Cheeks.

Urban Outfitters - €40

Because it's funny, and because I believe that the heart does go on.

Zara - €27,95

I'm really digging these sandals; minimalistic, shiny and just plain pretty. If you want some outfit inspiration to go with it, Lovely Lucy to the rescue.

H&M - €2,95

We all knew after the Patrick Star ring, it couldn't be long before Squidward Tentacles hit the stores. 

H&M - €7,95

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Sorry I couldn't resist.. Nothing better than a tropical fruit to rest your caboose -haha- on while soaking up some much needed sunshine.

Veritas - €24,95

I love me some metallics this season! Also available in pink & gold. 

Urban Outfitters - €51

Do you like this kind of post? I've got a lot to show you here in Edinburgh, I'm talking Primark & Topshop baby!

Cheers bonny lassies
Naomi, x.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Blue perfection.

Wearing: H&M shirt / Zara pants / Les Autres pumps (via Torfs)

I'm absolutely smitten with these heels! They fit like a glove. Normally when I put on clothing it works the other way around. It's my apparently not so waterproof strategy. I put these pumps on thinking they were going to feel unpleasant, usually that's the case. This time I was wrong and my wallet paid the price. I can actually walk in them without worrying about my heel leaving the shoe, heaven! I always feel pity for women walking around like crippled donkeys. Well fitting heels are key! Plus, they're shiny.

This outfit fits well with the weather, colourwise that is, I was freezing my ass off. Enough darkness to complement the grey skies and a little bit of brightness to not let you forget summer is coming. I promise you, it is!

Naomi, x.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Do I hear Espadrilles calling?!
Like Naomi already told you lovely ones: we're crazy busy and with that, I'll be writing once and a while this upcoming month because I've got a major tight schedule which is a big priority for me at the moment. I'll be musing on new subjects to write about after finals.

But for now, let's talk espadrilles. Thinking of them brings me in an immediate summer mood. I'm already dreaming of a summer outfit with some espadrilles, the biggest cocktail you can imagine, lots of tapas, music on the background and enjoying the sun. Ahhh...
I'm a true shoe-lover - having over 40 pairs I think?! - and I'm having a kind of espadrilles galore right now so that makes me in dire need of them. A couple of weeks ago I bought some for an awesome deal on ASOS for only 10EUR.

I've noticed in designer world that it's a kind of 'survival of the fittest' - I'm using a biological term Naomi, what about that ;-). First the Chanel espadrilles and when I was ready to purchase them they were all sold out. Then some real love-at-first-sight Kenzo's and boom they were gone as well. I told myself when there is a next love-at-first-sight moment: do not hesitate anymore. For sure. But I still have a budget to keep in mind so I'm not going supah wild with my credit card
Missoni - Christian Louboutin - Salvatore Ferragamo
Because showing only espadrilles may be somewhat boring, I've styled some in a total look. Give me some opinions ;-)! With what would you style them?

The denim look. It's easy and casual, just the way I like it. The combination of red and denim is just adorable. Top it off with Beatles inspired sunglasses and a straw clutch to match the espadrilles and you're ready to spend a day with your girls or attend a bbq in the most fashionable way. 
Espadrilles look
Espadrilles - Valentino / Lace bandeau - Charlotte Russe / Denim shorts - Own the Runway / Denim shirt - Miss Selfridge / Straw Clutch - H&M / Sunglasses - Raen Optics / Ring - Wouters & Hendrix

The Girly look. This pretty thing is inspired on the colors of the United States or the United Kingdom, it's up to you. I do love this combination. I wrote a post on Ballet inspired outfits a while ago and I'm still looking for the perfect tutu for upcoming summer. I can totally see myself wearing this outfit. Glitter espadrilles, funky glasses, nails that got Marshmellowed and a see through clutch, ow yeah baby!

 Espadrilles look 1
Espadrilles - Jimmy Choo / Nail polish - Essie Marshmellow / Como Shirt - Wolford / Perspex clutch - Charlotte Olympia / Sunglasses - Asos / Tutu - Pettiskirt

For those that have a day off, enjoy it A LOT ;-)!
Sabrina, x.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pink hues.

Wearing: Didi necklace / H&M blazer / Motel Rocks dress (via Lily) / Simple comme Bonjour heart ring / Asos flats / Urban Outfitters shoulder bag

I attended my uncle's wedding looking like this. Perfect in-between outfit for such an occasion. I actually just wanted to wear my new lilac flats badly, the rest of my outfit came along with it. My mum didn't really have time left to do my hair - time management is not my strong suit - but she still managed to pull this cool hairdo out of her hat. I really like the position of the pinkish strands of hair, gives an old feel to it. Together with my eyeliner and necklace, I was ready to rock some ass elderly style. I seriously wouldn't mind dyeing the light strands in my hair grey. This crazy hair story isn't over yet! ;)


I'm almost off to Edinburgh again. I'll be staying there all by myself (don't wanna be..) for six weeks to get some lab work done. I still have some outfit pictures up my sleeve, but hard times are coming!

Sabrina & I will do our very best to post regularly, however especially since it's our last year at uni, we have to fully subject to school work. 

Naomi, x.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Take me to Surfing paradise with Tommy Hilfiger

Lately I've been talking to my other half about which places we should visit in the future, surfing-wise that is and then the Surf Shack collection pops up by Tommy Hilfiger. I picked some of my favorites down here! But what makes it even supah better: there's a contest where you can win a trip to a surfing paradise somewhere in the world. Awesome?! Uhhh, YEAAH! 

I've already tweeted my picture with #GoneSurfing which made me dream again about our summer 2012 in San Diego, California. Ahhhhhh... It was amazing. They told us 'this surfing paradise is never short of waves or breaks' and it was true. We went to La Jolla Beach, it's quite popular amongst the Calis. Snorkling at that place was amazing as well. So if you go to San Diego, have a visit and you'll totally agree!

It's cliché but true: sun, sea & beach = perfect leisure as part of your holiday, right? But for us it's even better with some additional surfing. Exhausting but gives a kick ;-). The little fashionista-lover in me can't go without a perfect pre- and post-outfit. So here are my favorite picks from the Surf Shack collection by Tommy Hilfiger

If you look at this, it's all relax. A bikini is a must during a day at the beach (duh) because with hot temperatures you need lots of hydratation, so let's go swimming in the waaaaaaaaterrrr, let's go swimming in the sea. 

Simple sandals and a summer jumpsuit is good if you want to take a walk or go get food/refreshments because I personally don't like to walk the whole time in just a bikini.. The last thing I've noticed in the collection for my daily wear are: sunnies! These are from the men's collection. Again lots of color and brightness, that's just perfect for upcoming summer. FYI, I occasionally go to the men's department for scarfs and sunnies because yes they also have nice stuff and certainly these sunnies are unisex if you ask me, so why hesitate?! 

It is amazing if you can dine on a terrace of a romantic restaurant close to the beach. The air is great, the sounds of the waves and people enjoying their meal. I would prefer this outfit. It's light, it's again (yes!) full of color and it's easy to wear. Because let's be honest, the temperatures will decrease but the climate will still be somewhat humid. So wrapping yourself in thight clothes is a no-no for me. I'm into espadrilles lately so these are CERTAINLY on my to-buy-list ;-). 

Knowing there are a gazillion participants that took or going to take part in the contest, I'm secretly hoping I'm going to be one of the lucky ones ;-). A girl can dream, right?!

Sabrina, x.