Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Autumn color palette

As you can see I was already preparing myself for autumn during my latest holiday. Not layering-wise, evidently, because it was hot as hotter than hell. Instead, I reached for dark brown and yellow tones. My favourite (and only) kimono served as a complementing garment for this outfit, and also as experimental sunblock of the day. I already talked about my purdy sandals in a previous post, still love them despite our slight differences. 

These pictures were made right after an interesting visit to an underground tomb system. I swear we didn't only take the tour to cool off. Maltese catacombs are definitely worth a visit if you're interested in ancient rites. There are lots of them in and around Rabat & Mdina! In case you're wondering, Malta has lots of Arabian influences, but I'll leave it to the tacky brochures (or history books if that's your thing) for more information on that matter. Be sure to drop by Mdina, an ancient walled city, if you're ever in Malta. You'll be surrounded by beautiful, pale buildings that breath history and whisper Game of Thrones secrets.. 

Silence + Noise top via Urban Outfitters / H&M kimono and shorts / Laidback London sandals

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