Sunday, October 26, 2014

Life in plastic, not so fantastic..

Next to picturesque views and gorgeous buildings, sights like these were also a big part of my latest trip to Malta. Even on holiday you're regularly reminded of the bad shape our earth is in. That's why I'm more than excited about individuals and initiatives that want to tackle the environmental problems we've created with an innovative approach. Because let's face it, society loves to ignore these important problems because they don't cause enough immediate effects in daily life. Or so it only seems... I dare you to walk outside today and look down instead of at your phone, you'll be amazed by the amount of garbage lingering in the streets. I know I was. Most of this garbage will eventually find its way to our oceans and that's were the issue only worsens.

We have to take action to reduce the plastic mess we've created and that's where I come in: spreading this message as much as I can! A couple of days ago I saw a touching short clip on the instagram account of Tiany. I love the fact that she doesn't only post stunning fashion pictures, but that she also uses her huge influence to wake up people once and a while. Fashion is indeed a very effective way to go when you want a broad public to engage in environmental issues. That's why Pharrell and G-star teamed up to create a revolutionary denim collection made of recycled ocean plastic. TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, am I right?! Not only is the idea genius, the collection has so many ravishing pieces. I've got my eyes on the sweaters, gotta catch em all. What do you think about the collection?

Shop the collection online or in stores.

Naomi, x.

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