Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I shall leave my hat on.

Wearing: Bowler hat - H&M / Scarf - DIY / Coat - Essentiel / Pants - VILA / Creepers - Urban Outfitters / Blouse - River Island / Bag - Mango

Yes, I'm wearing more than a hat, haha! Just heard the foxy song on the radio and thought immediately about using something alike for this post. These pictures were taken on my London day trip. Oh my, so many lovely authentic streets over there

The thing I love about this city: no one cares what other people might say or think about your outfit. That was by the way a 2013 resolution: don't think what others think about your outfit, just wear what you like. Be creative ladies and keep the inspiration alive ;-)!

Outfit wise, I wanted something comfortable and warm. SO HAPPY that it DIDN'T rain because we all know how much the weather sucks in our little country, but even worse in Great-Britain. These creepers were an amazing discount purchase in November. Urban Outfitters has great sales in January and July but during the year they have awesome discounts as well, sure to keep an eye on the website ;-)!

Something else I was wondering: are there any specific subjects you would like to see on our blog? Tell us for sure!
Sabrina, x.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Recycling is the new shopping.

Wearing: Dress - An'ge / Cardigan - UO / Belt - H&M / Tights - Primark / Platforms - UO

Yes, I've worn this cardigan, dress and shoes before on the blog! Shocker? No. Being a fashion blogger isn't about wearing new stuff all the time. For me it's all about combinations, stepping outside the boring box and giving your own interpretations. Sure, I'll buy new clothes and wear them here, but I was doing the same before I started blogging and I definitely will be doing the same long after I'll stop blogging. Just keeping it real over here y'all ;-). Besides, what's more challenging and imaginative than creating new outfits over and over again with limited options. Suck on that, condescending & severely sponsored nincompoopfashionistas! Don't mind my rambling, I'm having a good day today :D.

I'm so fond of these platform sneakers, maybe it's just a 'Naomi thing' ;-). When I put them on, I immediately feel pretty fly for a white gal. To brighten my outfit, a flashy cardigan was added. I'm never happy however with its bland colour on photo, in real life the cardigan is so much brighter and prettier! This first world problem probably can be easily solved by upgrading my embarrassing photo skills. It's on my To Do list! Somewhere...

Why do you look at outfit posts? For inspiration & ideas for your own outfits or rather for discovering the lastest hot pieces that hit the shops? Or for something else entirely? I'm dying to know! 

Inventing a new word, check.
Complaining about my pictures, check.
Dramatic ending of the post, check.
I'm off!

Naomi, x.


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Skin care review

What to wear? A problem I bet many of you have faced before! A closet full of clothes but nothing in it that soothes the mood. Well I seem to have that problem as well when talking about skincare. A whole store full of products but which one will soothe the mood for my extremely difficult skin. Too greasy at times yet dry at others. Too many products advertising the same thing yet providing nothing but more trouble and empty wallets! After searching and trying and many (ooh yes many) greasy forehead situations I found several products that work for me. I’ll lead you through it! 

Yet another problem to face, sensitive eyes! Most products clean make-up well but give me red and slightly swollen eyes. This Nivea cleaning cream does the job! The tonic cleanser is something I have been using for as long as I can remember. When writing this review I thought of the perfect words to best describe the products, but well sometimes you lack inspiration, so let’s just say this tonic makes you feel ‘clean’. Try it and you’ll know what I am brambling about ;). 

This mattifying seaweed day cream I bought at The Body Shop. It feels kind of strange when applying on your skin because of the slithery texture (I’m guessing the seaweed additive  ;) ), but feels great and keeps your skin hydrated and matted all day long! 


I don’t like too many layers of product on my skin. But occasionally you just gotta put on that extra layer in order to look normal! You know exams, deadlines, late night drunken parties, well the usual! ;)  I use this BB-cream from Garnier and to mattify some powder. As you can see, I use the powder quit a lot! Guess I just need to look normal A LOT

As an evening routine I clean my face with tonic and water, afterwards I apply this Ducray cream. In summer, during times of stress or that time of the month my skin acts like crazy! This Ducray cream keeps it under control and I must say does quite the job! This product is only available at the pharmacist and quite expensive too unfortunately.


Talking about evening routine I always apply hydration cream on my legs. I know, I know this cream is an after-sun and maybe my subconscious wants me to believe I spent the entire day in the hot warm summer sun and need after-sun, but I just love the Aloe vera smell and the cool feeling it provides so winter OR summer I’m sticking with this!  
There you go! These products work for me. And NO, this is not an advertisement for Nivea ;)

Hope this review will help you during the search for a tamer of your crazy skin! 

Have a lovely weekend!
Elke, x


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Strike a pose with Topshop

Yesterday I went with my crazy chick Lisa from Style Mish Mash for a day to London to explore what's hot in fashion right now, supplemented with of course visiting some shops and lots of sightseeing (my feet = auwtch).

Topshop was one of our pitstops, we got noticed and were asked to strike a pose for Topshop. It was a photobooth on the occasion of London Fashion Week. We had to choose a piece of clothing: I chose the coat which was way to big and Lisa chose the college bomber jacket and lovely hat!

We couldn't be like real models so we just went crazy with it :-)!

I also have outfit post and some London pics for you in store, stay tuned ;-).

Sabrina, x.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Indian romance.

Wearing: Necklace - Primark / Sweater - River Island / Top - Nümph via Lily / Jeans - Levi's / Boots - Ibiza label

I actually wanted to shoot the outfit I wore the day before but when I put this outfit on to go grocery shopping, I didn't want to take it off anymore. I like the combination of the different materials and styles, plus it is mighty comfortable! The romantic sheer top, loose-fitting purrrfect sweater and frilly boots are a match made in Naomi heaven. 

The boots were actually my first online buy a couple of years ago. Yes, you either go big or don't bother at all! I even love them more paired with a summer dress, but that's not a possibility right now... Sunny vacation where art thou? 

I selected the best pictures, the ones where I didn't look like a total drug addict or severely ill person. Sometimes you just have those days when the camera doesn't love you at all, right?

Naomi, x.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Like a buzzy bee right now...

Last sunday I came back from a short holiday trip with my friends to my get-away in France and it was delightful. To sum it up: laughed, drank and ate a lot. Then uni started again on monday, and yes, so began the hectic-time. That's why I've been off a little on the blogging part, my dearest apologies for that! Thank god I've got my partners in crime to keep it up and running ;-).

The next 2 weeks will be busy as well: things to arrange for school, work, my first real deadline for thé dissertation... uhu: stress³ and some renovations at home which means mission impossible: empty Sabrina's room, Oh gosh... But between all the craziness there are some lovely things ahead of me as well such as family stuff, birthdays to attend aaaaaaaand going to London for a day with one of my crazy uni friends ;-). So stay tuned for a post on London Baby. I'll also try my very best to take some outfit pic's, soon!

Cheerio mates!
Sabrina, x.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Instagram Feed #3

I'm back, after almost a week radio silence (i.e. no internet). Ah la douce France! Planning on visiting Bourgogne yourself? Château de la Grange is the place to stay, for realsies. The charming lady behind this picturesque homestead is no less than Sabrina's mom. Pampering guaranteed ;-)! More information, pictures and recommendations here

Back to my small selection of ample January pictures. What else was there to do, besides studying? Instagram is so relaxing.

Laundry day with our domestic wildcat My favourite Belgian comedian, I already have a second picture with him by now, yes I started a collection A Kling dress that I'm selling in our Shop corner OOTD with a hipster Cheetah  

Brain food: grilled vegetables, bulgur and salmon Glittery red heels, what's not to like? Patékes? Patékes! We are such a grey couple

I really love this picture with my mommy and furry cat Going retro in style BEYONCE BEYONCE BEYONCE My boyfriend's cat got a necessary shave, look at them fur boots

Can you see a pattern here? Instacats ftw!

Good day
Naomi, x.