Monday, September 15, 2014

Va et Vient.

Ahoy, mateys! Today I have a slightly different outfit post prepared for you, from my roof terrace in Malta may I add. Vacation has finally found me and I'm not complaining at all. Last night I slept over 12 hours straight. Yes, I'm quite the party animal. 

Besides being a blogger, I'm also a baton twirling majorette in my spare time. Funky boots, nude tights and breezy dresses are an essential part of majorette outfits. For Maanrock, a local festival, we went for a nautical theme. Nothing more fun than dressing up and doing merry dance routines. Va et Vient isn't your typical majorette corps though, it's all about not taking yourself too seriously. The perfect way to spend my downtime. Do you have any quirky hobbies?

Va et vient, go!

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