Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I scream neon.

A little get-away to the countryside in la Bourgogne with family and friends, lots of food and hot hot hot weather. Check. It was short but damn good. Even though I had a couple of days of rest I'm still tired. I hear insomnia calling for a while now. 

Living comme un dieu en France goes perfectly well with a laidback outfit. I'm very picky when it comes to shorts because I'm the owner of some big thighs but this H&M high waisted ripped shorts are a-maaaazing. The neon t-shirt feels 100% casual and I've been wearing it A LOT this summer. Neon is not always an easy color to use in a wardrobe if you ask me but I do think jeans goes with everything. Besides that: everyone can see Sabrina coming from far with this screaming color ;-)! My hair got a little pampering by the way: say hello to my donut bun! It has been on my inspiration moodboard on pinterest for a while and a couple of posts ago I've mentioned it as well but I finally tried it out. It's easy to do but in my case it isn't a 1-2-3-job, it took me a 'while' to get it all right. I blame it on my clumsiness and thick thick hair. I've got some more donut bun-galore in my next post because yes I'm totally into it right now!

See ya!
Sabrina, x.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Laugh out loud.

With my exams coming up in the next two weeks, I haven't had the time nor spirit to take pictures. Messy buns, no makeup, pyamas, sweatpants, seeking for a deeper connection with my cats. Yep, it's that time of the year again. Lucky for you (and me), I've kept a folder on my laptop. A fun folder! Pictures that didn't make it to the actual post, I don't want to smother you with tons of pictures (you're welcome), but might as well be released into the internet here. 

More where that came from.. For another time.

Naomi, x.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Rock the boat.

Somehow the outfit made me think about a girls-only school and uniforms. This can sound weird but I always wanted to go to a school where uniforms were required. It seemed so chic.. Now I can't imagine wearing the same thing everyday, that would be just so damn dull.

I've been challenging myself in terms of colors such as the white blouse and the silver shoes I bought recently. Another item was this red COS jumper, it caught my eye immediately. Maybe because of its unquestionable brightness, to be fairly honest normally most red items seem old and unattractive if you ask me. This one has without a doubt a magical glint. It's finely ribbed and has a relaxed fit so you can wear it with a skinny jeans or a dress/skirt. I opted for the latter. The denim dress has been hanging in my closet for such a long time because of its exaggerated cleavage that made me extremely uncomfortable. This jumper gives me the opportunity to wear it again. Happy girl here. 

Last but not least, I bought a new nail polish to add to the collection: Rock the Boat by Essie. The name is really awesome. It's light blue with a subtle shimmer which is a good addition to the denim. 

Tonight I'm off to France again, a little de-stress time but I'll be back on Monday. I'll be making pictures over there, yeaah.

Au revoir!
Sabrina, x.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Oh my silver goodness!

Wauwsieee hide my wallet. Last time I showed you my pink galaxy cravings well now I've got some silver goodness for you. I'm on a rooooooll or I just have a big interest in fashion ;-)!

I've put another outfit together but this time there are some items that I've already purchased, such as the black Vero Moda pants and the white blouse from Urban Outfitters. Yesterday was a day of 'celebration' because 1. my dissertation came to an end (YAY!) and 2. my parents 29th anniversary. Because of the first reason I really wanted to get out of the house after so long and I decided to browse some shops in Antwerp, hence the white blouse for example ;-). To be quite honest, white isn't really my favorite color but this item seemed well enough for me. It has a little see-through effect which makes it romantic and sexy but still sophisticated enough, I liiike.

The silver Zara shoes are truly adorable and have the same sophisticated edge I'm going for with this outfit. Shoe-addict is one of my middle names so it's my duty to buy them (yes, duty!). As I'm always aiming for gold accessories it's good to have some silver items as well, don't you think?!

I can totally imagine myself wearing this outfit with a donut bun! It's something I wanted to try for ages and even more from the moment I saw one of my best friends doing it. It's absolutely pretty and so easy apparently: perfection!

What do you think of the outfit: too much or good enough :-)?! Honest opinions are the best!

Bye for now!
Sabrina, x.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bubblicious pink.

Warning: This outfit post contains strong colours and fashion references from the outset and throughout. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pink galaxy cravings

Dress your life is still based on 2 girls, only 1 is blogging less than the other. I plead guilty. But that's all going to change véry soon since my thesis deadline is approaching (22nd), FINALLY. Besides that I finally have people around me that can take pictures. LOVE IT ALL. 

Okay, talking blog post again! Have you seen the FW13 collections? You're probably thinking: 'uhm... Duh?!'. Well, I've noticed a lot of pretty things that I HAVE to share with you. This season my wishlist is truely endless and with the fact that I have no money, well, that's just buggin' me big time. Hopefully with my 'saving-up'-plan I can buy some things very soon. I've compiled a little outfit below with all my current cravings. This combination gives me a little galaxy feeling and that extra touch of pink makes it all damn girly, yeaah. The vans are so adorable with the accompanied hearts, it seriously screams 'Sabrina take meeeee'.
There's still a big list with items that I'll share with you another time ;-)! Gaze oooon girls!

Do you have any specific cravings right now?! Please share it with us! 

Bye for now ;-)!
Sabrina, x.

Friday, August 09, 2013

Yellow blazer.

Wearing: H&M blazer / Cyrillus Paris flower dress / found belt (the best kind!) / Pandora bracelet / Converse sneakers  

What I like about this 20°C weather
  • I can put on cardigans & blazers
  • No more ventilator 24/7
  • No more sore spots between my thighs (damn you people with skinny upper legs!)
  • I can use my laptop again in the way it was intended
  • I can wear my hair loose again, too much buns make my head hurt; bad buns
  • I can welcome back my trusty SS pants (Study & Sweat, what else?)
  • I can cuddle up to the boyfriend again ♡
  • You get the point

This yellow submari blazer was a pre-sales-but-already-with-discount purchase. When a blazer is marked down to only €10 you don't really have a choice, now do you?  The only downside is that the colour is a bit tricky to combine since I'm not into the whole bumblebee colour scheme for example. However, this outfit immediately fell into place and you know what: I'm loving it! How about you?

That's all folks!
And that's the way the cookie crumbles.
I'll be back..

Naomi, x.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Gold digger.

Wearing: Urban Outfitters necklace / Nümph dress / YSL ring / Zara flats

How do you like my new bling-bling? I've been spoiled rotten this month by my loved ones. The flamingo necklace and dress are probably no strangers to most of you - scroll down if you want to be up to speed - but they are just my go-to pieces this summer. I wore this outfit to attend the Club Monaco x Belmodo VIP shopping night in Knokke. Yes, I had to bring out the big guns. I've coveted this arty ring ever since I first laid eyes on it a couple of years ago. Seeing the ring everywhere lately didn't change my mind, I just wanted it more. It feeded my desire. And now this ring even has an important meaning to me: two years of kitten love (read: an intense and deep romantic attachment, typically associated with two close friends who fell in love)!

When I was lightly forced to buy this dress by a certain redhead, I never thought it would stay white for so long! I still don't trust myself enough to buy a lot of white pieces but I can draw courage from this success story. Maybe I'm even turning into a proper lady, ha! The shopping night really made me realize (once again) that from time to time I need to invest my clothing money in quality pieces. Note that I say 'from time to time', I'm still a student and I have a long-standing relationship with the high street shops. 

Now I'm going to indulge in some drama: PLL-time!

Naomi, x.

Monday, August 05, 2013

Let's be inventive.

Wearing: Urban Outfitters flamingo necklace / Nümph dresses / Twice As Nice bracelet / Zara sandals

We all have clothing hanging around in our closets waiting to be worn but alas, they don't fit your bootylicious body anymore.. Now you would think that you only have two gloomy options to choose from: get rid of the clothes or wait until they miraculously fit again. Last week when I was trying on my funky wrap dress, in vain, I came up with a third option: operation 'turn wrap dress into kimono'! I dig the result, do you? 

Sadly this option doesn't work for every clothing piece so it never hurts to keep believing in miracles (and put away the mouthwatering snacks).

Naomi, x.

Friday, August 02, 2013

À la mode #1

She Wears Fashion
The Little Magpie
Amy Valentine
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Snakes Nest
Today I'm talking kimonos! You see them popping up everywhere lately and I'm a big fan. During summer and especially now (melting!) cardigans and vests are waaay too scorching so kimonos serve as the perfect solution. Not only a handy summer garment but also a statement piece to complete your look. They come in a gazillion colours & prints so I'm sure everyone can find a suitable one. Next outfit post I'll be wearing my own wrap dress-gone-kimono, because I'm resourceful and all. Totally not because I've gained weight and now the dress doesn't fit anymore.  

Did you already jump on the kimono train?
Destination: funky!

Kimono madness

Naomi, x.