Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Power of Object(s).

Archiduc - Bram Boo

Clothes make the man*, design makes the interior. But nonetheless design wasn't on my mind at all when I was putting together the interior of my new apartment. There were so many things on my to-buy list that simple, mass production objects sufficed. I don't know about you guys but unfortunately I don't have a magic money tree in my possession (yet). 

When I was invited by the sparkling team behind PURE PR to discover a new design exhibition, I obviously couldn't say no. Who doesn't like to drool over things they can't afford? - #masochism - The exhibition displays the finest of Belgian design with 3 key pieces of 25 renowned designers in a very open and accessible way. Walking around all those amazing objects, made me realize that also we, the common people, can relate to design. Maybe that's the power of these objects? I didn't even know I had some design laying around at home, hello Tupperware bowls! I'm really grateful that I got to take home the beautiful tray from the first picture, a small design item that immediately lifts my interior to a next level. As you see, no money tree needed!

Do you want to make a trip through the ingenious world of Belgian design too? Unveil the alchemy of success? Send me an e-mail on dressyourlifeblog@gmail.com, I have two free tickets waiting for the first five people to contact me. 

Mont des Arts, Place Royale 6, 1000 Brussels.
Open every day from 10 - 18h until 11 Jan 2015.

* Not literally translated, but a real expression in English too. Yeah I know!

Naomi, x

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