Sunday, June 08, 2014

Bye Bye, for now.

Summer essentials.

My sincere apologies for being offline for a while. Blogging came to a zero level the past 3 weeks because of some projects, busy at my job due to our various events and the festival season that is not far away anymore... Another big change in my life will be (hopefully) in a couple of months: leaving the nest and looking for something for  just the 2 of us 

Time for something else now...

Browsing web shops for summer essentials, that's right. I must admit I've got my periods of impulsive shopping and this period is seriously not impulsive. It's not that strange because I've noticed every year when summer is around the corner I don't buy a lot of clothes. I guess it's so much easier for me to buy sweaters and other winter essentials?! That doesn't mean I don't like summer stuff, on the contrary! All those vibrant colors and tropical patterns, waaaauwwie! Check my mood board below. I picked several, different items per theme, things that caught my eye immediately!

Oh, before I forget. Because of the moving part it will be necessary to sell a lot of my stuff because I could probably rent a van for my room alone... But that means lots of new/almost never worn clothes, shoes and accessories! More info soon!

Sabrina, x.