Monday, May 05, 2014

Win Win Win | 25 Years Magnum

25 years of Magnum delight... Oh yes, we instantly were naming different flavours of which my favorite would be the Double Caramel and Naomi would go bonkers on the Chocolate Infinity! 

For Magnum's anniversary they're opening a pop-up pleasure bar at the Stadsfeestzaal in Antwerp. May 15 will be their opening night but don't worry because they'll stay here for a little while. One month of chocolate orgasms!

Not only are they opening a limited chocolate heaven but also celebrating in full glamour with pop artist Kylie Minogue. Alas... Not in Antwerp but at the ravishing Cannes Film Festival. You can enter the contest and win a magical night at the Magnumbeach and celebrate their birthday in a custom made designer dress by Rossorame. Enter the contest! (But read on because there's MORE)

But you can also enjoy a fine night of full VIP treatment right here, in our little country! We can make 5 chocolate addicts truely happy with a duo-ticket to Nacht van het Palmeres on May 24! A night of glamour and a movie of choice. Luurrvvs, right?!

What do you have to do?! Let us know what YOUR ultimate Magnum flavour would be and we'll pick 5 lucky ones! Go chocolate bonkers on this one boys and girls. Don't forget to write your e-mail address as well ;-)!

Fingers crossed!
Sabrina & Naomi, x.