Monday, February 25, 2013

Recycling is the new shopping.

Wearing: Dress - An'ge / Cardigan - UO / Belt - H&M / Tights - Primark / Platforms - UO

Yes, I've worn this cardigan, dress and shoes before on the blog! Shocker? No. Being a fashion blogger isn't about wearing new stuff all the time. For me it's all about combinations, stepping outside the boring box and giving your own interpretations. Sure, I'll buy new clothes and wear them here, but I was doing the same before I started blogging and I definitely will be doing the same long after I'll stop blogging. Just keeping it real over here y'all ;-). Besides, what's more challenging and imaginative than creating new outfits over and over again with limited options. Suck on that, condescending & severely sponsored nincompoopfashionistas! Don't mind my rambling, I'm having a good day today :D.

I'm so fond of these platform sneakers, maybe it's just a 'Naomi thing' ;-). When I put them on, I immediately feel pretty fly for a white gal. To brighten my outfit, a flashy cardigan was added. I'm never happy however with its bland colour on photo, in real life the cardigan is so much brighter and prettier! This first world problem probably can be easily solved by upgrading my embarrassing photo skills. It's on my To Do list! Somewhere...

Why do you look at outfit posts? For inspiration & ideas for your own outfits or rather for discovering the lastest hot pieces that hit the shops? Or for something else entirely? I'm dying to know! 

Inventing a new word, check.
Complaining about my pictures, check.
Dramatic ending of the post, check.
I'm off!

Naomi, x.


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