Friday, November 14, 2014

DYL | Spend quality time with your (wo)man.

I love strolling around shops with the boyfriend, putting together our imaginary interior. One thing is certain: nature will be the main theme. What did you expect? We be fly biologists. The deer frame is already a good start but I love to add a piece (or twenty) from the Animaux Speciaux website. Those jewel beetles, instant crush ♥. 

Exercise, sigh. Sometimes it really comes down to tugging each other into motion. Without my trusty sparring partner, I would even run less. That reminds me, I need to start training for the upcoming Urban Trail in Mechelen.. In my defense, I'm putting noticeable effort into healthy cooking and that's been taking up a LOT of my sparse free time. #firstworldproblems

I'm a huge Beyoncé fan, the boyfriend appreciates a good Jay-Z rap. Put those two together (in holy matrimony) and before you know it, you're booking a romantic trip to Paris for the best show on earth. ON THE RUN was mind-blowing, and the best part was that we were both bouncing our asses off. Happiness +100

If there's one tradition we take very seriously, it's watching series together. From HIMYM, to Game of Thrones, Scandal, Dexter, Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, Scrubs, ... and so on. Currently we're watching Sherlock Holmes (with obligatory cup of tea), my god all the actors in that show kick ass big time! Not to mention the awesome scripts. Definitely worth a shot if you're looking for couple approved series.

Enjoy your weekend!
Naomi, x.

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