Monday, October 28, 2013

Music Musings

Got the Monday blues? Nothing better than a good old tune to lift up your spirits. Anyone who's reading this without ever having danced spasmodically to this song (or Britney Spears in general for that matter), can click away right now, I mean it. The rest can enjoy some fine Britney tunes, sing it! 

P.S.: Did you recognize our young Entourage friend? Always so funny to encounter celebrities in old songs, movies, series,... Did anyone actually see the movie 'Drive me crazy'?

Naomi, x

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

One Year Anniversary

First of all: Muchas gracias for reading our blog! We had a magnificent first year and we're so glad you keep coming back to read about our antics. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I'm catching up! This event took place only - ahum - three weeks ago. Being the daughter of a hairdresser, I immediately mailed for an invitation when I heard about the event via Media Mania. I always loved walking around hair expos with my mum and colleagues when I was little. So much crazy hairstyles and new hypes I discovered there. Take for example spray tan, more than 10 years ago you could already test it out on hair/beauty expos. I'm pretty sure that my fascination for eccentric hair colours and styles stems from all of these wonderful expos and shows. 

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Time flies, especially when you're out exploring Antwerp and meeting up with friends. If there was any doubt before, now I'm 100% sure my next residence will be located in A-town. A month ago (yikes) my beloved city organized a fashion festival. We can only applaud a weekend filled with fashion and friends. Many thanks to Marnix & Ally for all of their hard work and for inviting us to the chic kick off of the festival. If you want, because what else is there to do on a Sunday evening, you can read some top-notch reports by my fellow bloggers: The Ginger Diaries, Archistas, Bags & Chocolate, Golden Mirrors & Pink Bows, Anouk meets Fashion, ...

What about my report? I decided to talk a little about two (jewellery) brands that stood out for me. Don't worry, I also included a dozen of pictures.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Dress your room.

Finally another post! You sense overcompensation with this overload of pictures? Correct. I wanted to show you bits and pieces of my room (and apparently a lot of them). Last year was the last time I could go full-on girly since the next rooms I'll be decorating will be in accordance with my mister. When we moved into our current house, about 7 years ago, I went all Bollywood. My walls were dark red, orange and pink. I kid you not. I had incense, Buddha figurines, and many more oriental decorations all over the place. After a couple of years, surprise surprise, I grew tired of my oriental temple and last year I decided the time had come for a total makeover. I went for pinks, whites and greys. Boy, was it hard to paint over my dark walls! But I like my room so much more now with these light colours (and new furniture). I hope you like it too ☺.

If you're still the only one making all the decisions, now is the time to dress your room!