Monday, December 31, 2012

Party ready.

The day where millions of people will party hardy or have a cozy celebration at home. Uhuuuu, you know it, I know it, who doesn't? New Years Eve

All the fashion-lovers preppin' themselves to look absolute divine. A day where I can take even more breaks than the usual estimate. Let's say it's a good excuse to say au revoir to my books for one day, or almost though ;-).

Celebrating this NYE with the boy and all of his friends. The only girl? Challenge accepted! 

My inner dress-addiction tells me to put on a dress but the brain says "go comfy". I'm a crybaby when it's freezing outside and as we are having dinner first and afterwards going to 't stad, it's more of a safe choice to go for pants and warm UGG's as I still have no idea where I'm going. I do love all the mystery stuff that's going on... 

Wearing black with some bright neon pink additions on the nails and scarf. In my Subtle Color Blocking post I showed you how I love simple black outfits with a finishing detail. And the blouse here fits just perfectly in this category. The wrists and the back are finished off with some delicate lace.

Sometimes wearing lots of black makes the little rebel in me awake ;-) and I thought: why not add some edginess to the outfit with this skull statement necklace. Thank you Mama Santa Claus... 

I wish you all a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let your evening be one with richly filled glasses of champagne and again yummy food, just because we can't get enough of it.

Wearing: Leather jacket - NafNaf / Blouse - Object / Pants - VILA / Statement necklace - Zara / Boots - UGG / Clutch - Accessorize / Scarf - H&M

'Till next year party peeps! Drive home safely! 
Sabrina, x.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Mellow state of mind.

Since it was raining cats & dogs outside and I'm locked up with my books anyway, some indoor outfit pictures. My top is a bit wrinkled but that's from all the intensive studying.

Wearing: Rose earrings - Lady Rose / Cardigan - Mango / Top - Esprit / Jeans - Levis / Ring - Just Julia / Shoes - UO.

The platform shoes and bow ring are recent additions to my wardrobe. I always keep an eye on Urban Outfitters sales, they have them so often it's almost a waste of money to buy anything at regular price over there. I was actually waiting for the right time to buy another similar pair but then I spotted these black beauties - those annoying ads on sites really know how to lure you in - for half price + 20% disount on all purchases that day. You gotta love UO! Sign up for their newsletter if you don't want to miss out, but please note that I'm not responsable for the consequences to your wallet. 

You might have seen this adorable bow ring before on my instagram or wishlist. My boyfriend sure did, muchos gracias once again! You can adjust the ringsize yourself so no more excuses not to buy rings gentlemen ;). I predict a real bow ring hype, so don't miss out y'all! Order them here and while you're at it, much more lovely jewelry to discover on the Just Julia site. If I was lame I would totally end this paragraph with 'my precious' but I'm not, so I won't.

Everyday I'm studying

Good luck to all the students out there!
Naomi, x.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

What’s in my bag?

My life lately hasn’t been all that exciting. While being busy studying and stuffing myself with loads of food (Happy Holidays everyone  by the way! ;) ), I haven’t exactly been occupying myself with looks.  

So I thought why not do a what’s in my bag post. I’m always intrigued in to what woman carry around. I usually switch between 3 of my favorite bags, only taking my wallet as a fixed item. So my perfume and other items are kind of an item that come along with the bag I choose.

These days I carry around my Pieces bag. It’s a real big one so all of my crap fits in perfectly! :)

Black Ray-Ban; Tortoise,turqoise Ralph Lauren

Professor Gobelijn all the way! I’m a real absent person. Always thinking of a million things except for the thing I should be thinking of! When driving I really need my glasses for my own and everybody else’s safety. When I’m with my boyfriend I always manage to lose misplace, one of my glasses, so as a safety precaution I carry my two glasses around. I love the big glasses, extra vision all the way! ;)

During these cold winter days, some extra lip care is never an excessive luxury! And hey some extra deo, during the fierce shopping sprees never hurted anybody, right? ;)

Recently I bought this new perfume by Yves Saint Laurent. Love the heavy opium smell! Another all-time favorite smell of mine is the with musk from the body shop.

Well what can I say? I love my sweets once in a while but to mix it up and shut up my conscience I eat apples. ;)  

My books of course! And my constantly-crashing-down–stupid-mobile phone, unfortunately no smartphone for me under the Christmas tree. :D   

That was it! I wish everybody a nice week and a calming weekend!  
And as a Final note: I’m really looking forward  to New Year! I’ll be sure to post what I was wearing and sorry for the lack of outfit posts on my behalf.

Elke, x