Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Subtle color blocking.

My evenings are so busy lately, I almost had no time to take pictures for our blog. I'm very sorry! Another bummer is that due to the fact I'm working all day and by the time I come home it's darker then dark outside, I didn't had the chance to take my pictures in a lovely Fall setting. Hope to get some snapshots this weekend :-)! 

Let's talk outfit post now! A couple of weeks ago I purchased a pair of shoes at the luxurious labelLOV event, that were - in my opinion - to die for! 

My very first Dries van Noten! A very bright orange lacqué pair. It's what I call a real fashion investment, a must-have in my collection! And the best of all: they DON'T hurt, yayy!!

I wore this all round outfit to work with some boots but it's also good as an evening piece added with high heels and some extra fancy jewelry.

By the way: I love dresses that look very simple and have an extra finishing touch in detail, like the back of this dress.

Finding the right winter coat, is the biggest challenge ever. Last year I couldn't find the right one, so I wore my leather jackets with lot's of layers underneath it and 2 or 3 (yes!) scarves, hat and gloves. And I must say, that still wasn't warm enough! 

So this year I found a moss-green coat with the perfect length, a big hood and most important: it's sooo warm!

Wearing: Shoes - Dries van Noten / Dress - Francesca's / Blazer - H&M / Bag - Boo! / Coat - Zara / Tube Scarf - Kaat Tilley for JBC / Earrings - Stradivarius (old) / Necklace - Thomas Sabo / Watch - Michael Kors.

You can call me crazy, but I have to admit that I actually like this cold weather, can't wait for winter!

'Till next time!

Sabrina, x.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Relaxing weekend

Last weekend I enjoyed all the luxury that Dolce La Hulpe had to offer. You probably all had to deal with it already: expired gift certificates.. Luckily Bongo has an excellent costumer service. For a small contribution you receive a new gift certificate and you're set for another two years. Yaay for me! 

I decided to surprise my mum with a wellness weekend. Two days of relaxing, yummy food, a beautiful environment and of course ME ;). As the weather forecast was unbelievably good, more than 20° (yes only one week ago?!), a good dose of nature had to be included. Dolce La Hulpe, located near the Sonian Forest, was the perfect choice. When we drove up the private domain of the hotel, the relaxing could start!

Autumn atmosphere
First we wanted to enjoy the wellness facilities of course, so off the swimming pool, sauna and hammam. Robe and slippers included.

My sweet mum & me

I'm always looking forward to the sauna, but after five minutes all I can think is: hot, hot, hot! My mind fixated on the grains of sand in the hourglass, slipping away like the days of our lives. Show tune wisdom for the win! After all that sweating, hydration is very important, cocktail-time!

What to choose?
Piña colada!
Hotel Bar
Always wanted to sit in one of these

After a classy drink, it was time for a fancy buffet. Really, no frites (I obviously can't call them 'French' fries) or spaghetti in sight! I was very grateful for my sugar mummy. 

Some more photos of the interior.  

The next day we went for a walk in La Domaine régional Solvay. The beautiful autumn colours and the warm temperatures were very pleasant, more of that please! At a certain point we were surrounded with red squirrels (Go Reds!), ground squirrels and woodpeckers, what a lovely sight. Wish I had my binoculars with me..

I don't mind repeating this weekend at all!

Relaxed Naomi, x.   

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Autumn leaves.

So here goes nothing! Hope you like my first outfit post. 
As you will see along the way I don’t have a specific style. I just wear whatever I like (and whenever for that matter) and think looks good on me, or more accurate what’s comfortable to wear. I don’t really participate in winter/summer color trends and love wearing things according to mood or simply according to what’s first in my closet!

Of course there are some things I own and wear at the moment that do follow the current trends, I’m not the one to say I’m totally rebelling against it either! As the parka I’m wearing (which can be bought in almost every store these days) will prove.
HOWEVER there is always a certain common theme running through all of my outfits. I just love everything that's vintage, collected at flea markets or simply old jewelry and what not! 

One thing I must say: Posing when your drunk, having fun on a day/night out or during holidays all comes natural but taking pictures of yourself or even letting someone else take them for you is Awkward (With a BIG capital A!). I TOTALLY agree with the Brunette on this one! 

Wearing: Parka (Real one from my father’s military time) / Blouse (Kimchi blue, Urban Outfitters, old) / Jeans (Slim fit Levis) / Biker Boots (Zara, old) / Scarf (WE men's fashion, old) / Purse (Bought on Holiday in Africa) / Earrings, You can hardly see because of my huge hair, hence the separate picture! (Gift from the boyfriend,  Jozefien Antwerp).

Elke, x.