Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Tropical Ecology Internship: Volume 2

The second and final part of my Costa Rica adventure. Missed volume 1? Here you go. 
I can really recommend visiting this country, nay I order you to visit it! So much nature, biodiversity & beauty. Scroll down if you don't believe me ;)

After the 30 meter tree I conquered in the rainforest, this ficus tree was a piece of carrot cake. Without any equipment nonetheless. Okay, I'll admit, my heart was racing like crazy but the pictures were definitely worth it.

Tree house restaurant
Our ride, swag.
Ocelot track
This picture embodies the most exciting moment of my trip. If you look closely you'll see scratch marks, engraved by a young puma only seconds earlier. SECONDS! We were walking through undisturbed rainforest when suddenly Colin, our teacher and guide, urged us to get down on our bellies. In the middle of snake habitat, right. But we saw the urgency in his eyes and everyone obeyed immediately. We crawled up the path but, alas, mister puma already skipped off into the bushes. Funny thing is that I would've never seen him anyways because I was looking in the wrong direction, classic Naomi.  

Definitely made some new friends.
Here I am again, measuring animal tracks like a pro.
Hopefully we'll meet again, CR.
Naomi, x.

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