Monday, November 03, 2014

Feisty gal.

How I love the setting and atmosphere of these pictures, the blurriness not so much. On the ridiculously small screen of my camera every picture looks so damn nice, but on my laptop screen it's back to frustrating reality. Don't even get me started on resizing pictures afterwards. Dear boyfriend, I really wouldn't mind if you quit school and turned into a professional photographer/photoshop specialist (pwetty pwease?). 

Enough bitching, because this outfit deserves so much more. It's still my favourite one of the past summer; loose and tight in all the right places with a little touch of allure. The oversized shirt was, obviously, love at first sight and only mere minutes later I was struck by lightning again when I spotted the delicate bra dangling between some bland panties. We have a match! Something you would wear yourself? 

MONKI oversized shirt & bra | ONLY denim jegging | ADIDAS gazelle sneakers

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