Thursday, May 02, 2013

It's almost goodbye.

Wearing: Top - ASOS / Necklace - Six / Pants - Vila / Shoes - KEN / Bag - Mango / Scarf - Massimo Dutti / Nail polish - Dior Rosy Bow / Ring & Bracelets - family pieces / Watch - Michael Kors

My camera broke so making outfit pictures wasn't an easy task but someone was generous enough to give his awesome camera to me for a day. Et voila

There are days when nothing fits the way you want it to or when asking yourself: seriously, how is it possible I can't find anything in my closet? 
I'm struggling with these 'first world problems' right now. I know, lame. But this girl has to get back in shape, that's for sure. The nagging will probably stop when that's of my checklist. 

These are by the way my last months in Leuven, EVER. Yes, I'll visit this city after I'm graduated because I made awesome friends here but I can't see myself being a permanent Leuven citizen. That's why they call it the 'city of students' I think. Being a student in Leuven is great: lots of yummy restaurants, cocktail bars, the typical cheap ass fakbars, events, concerts and that all just in a walking-distance. Everywhere you go, it's filled with students.

A city that knows no silence during the academic year and where tons of bicycles get stolen because that's just how they roll over here (frustrating though after owning 7 bikes). There are also some precious quiet places though that are filled with true nature. It's a 2 minute walk from my dorm and suddenly you enter zennnn.

Although I'm happy leaving this place and starting a new chapter, I'm sad at the same time. Going to be an emotional baby when it comes to end, I know that for sure.

Next time I'll be reviewing the Chubby stick from Clinique ;-).
Sabrina, x.

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