Friday, November 01, 2013

Friday Food | Quinoa greek salad

Because of yesterday's Halloween candy overdose it's time for a healthy snack. A greek salad is my lunch routine 90% of the time but like all things: If you get into routine, it's getting boring. That's why I've opted to add some quinoa because lots of health addicts use it in their dishes and I was curious to try it out. Result? Very tasty quinoa greek salad


60gr quinoa (= portion)
100gr feta cheese
2 roma tomatoes (because they bring a sweet touch to the dish)
1/2 cucumber
1 garlic clove OR 1 red onion 
rocket salad
parmesan flakes
olive oil

How to make the salad
The picture above shows a clove of garlic but I finally chose for the red onion because of the lack of time I had. Chop your red onion, cucumber, tomatoes and feta cheese into little pieces.

Extra tip: If you want to use the clove of garlic: chop it into very tiny pieces and cook it in some olive oil. Not too long because it burns quite quick and just before you take it of the heat add some balsamico. That's your dressing to put on your salad.

Heat up some water to boil your quinoa. It takes about 15min and to give it some extra taste I added some olive oil, oregano, a little bit of chicken stock and salt to the water. Pour your quinoa in a strainer and add some olive oil to it to prevent it from sticking. When the quinoa cooled down a little you can add it to your bowl of chopped ingredients. 

Now it's time to plate it up. How you do it is totally up to you! I've put the rocket salad and parmesan on one side and my quinoa salad on the other side and drizzeld some olive oil and pepper to give it an extra touch.

Bon appetit!
Sabrina, x.

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