Wednesday, December 02, 2015

The Force Awakens with Palladium.

There's no more escaping the Force now, in exactly two weeks the new Star Wars movie hits the Belgian screens. Just enough time to organise a blitz marathon and get those facts straight. Don't know in what order to watch the saga or want to try a new approach? - I'm a geek by blood, not relation. - Try the Machete order and relive the galactic magic, also highly recommended for unknowing newcomers. Maximum shock impact ensured! 

I'm sure you'll believe me when I say that tension has been rising at the DYL headquarters the past few weeks. I'm SO excited to finally reveal the Star Wars inspired looks I've been working on, together with creative boss ladies Maya and Judith. Did anyone guess the theme based on our Instagram teasers? The Star Wars idea came to me after seeing the metallic collection of Palladium, so it only seemed appropriate to kick off our trilogy with my Palladium boots. 

The first look was inspired on Leia Skywalker. Boy, do I love her no nonsense attitude and bright intellect. Besides to being a major sex symbol in the seventies and eighties, I'm sure she was also a role model to young girls around the world.  Where my independent women at?

Special thanks to Walkie Talkie for my new favorite winter boots, Jutka & Riska for being so kind to lend me a bag full of clothes, and to Maya for working on my pictures hours on end. I'm so grateful to be surrounded by creative people that help me carry out my crazy projects!

Photos and editing: Maya Bogaert 

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