Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday Food | Chickpeas and pasta

I'm going to ignore salads for the moment because I'm craving for something with pasta. I'm going vegetarian, again?! I'm not a veggie but I can live without meat for a couple of weeks though. This time I've chosen for a pasta with chickpeas, spinach, brocolli and tomatoes. This goes perfectly with whole wheat pasta by the way and it's healthier.


Good handful of little snack tomatoes (different colours make your plate look more fab)
250gr broccoli 
200gr spinach 
250 à 300gr whole wheat pasta
Chickpeas out of a can
Big clove of garlic
Pesto genovese
Olive oil/Pepper/Salt/Herbs for seasoning

Note: If you want fresh chickpeas it takes a couple of hours to boil them, that's why I've chosen for the can version.  

How to make it

Wash the chickpeas very good with some cold water and put them on the side. We will add these in the end. Then smash the big garlic clove until it looks like a paste. Finally chop your broccoli into different pieces. I used spinach from the freezer because I didn't have any fresh ones in the fridge but these are good as well! 
Start boiling your pasta for about 7min (that's what the package says). I always add olive oil, some vegetable stock and different dried herbs to the water. The pasta will have a different taste afterwards, believe me. Seasoning: garlic powder, chilli powder (a lot), oregano, salt and a mix of italian seasoning. When it's ready to drain instead of pouring cold water on my pasta (that's in my opinion disgusting) I add a little olive oil and again a little bit of seasoning of different herbs.

At the same time start stoving your broccoli and spinach. When you see it's almost ready add the garlic paste and season it with some salt and pepper. When that's done add the chickpeas. 

Tip: I added a little cup of the pasta water to my veggies because it's seasoned well and it will give your veggies an extra yummy boost.  
Finally, add the vegetables and pesto to your pasta and mix it a little. That's much easier to serve than topping everything seperately in the end. 

Finish with some snack tomatoes to give your plate some extra colour. 

Bon appetit!
Sabrina, x.

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