Tuesday, October 29, 2013

London through my lens

It was short and sleeping was 'almost' out of the question but we've enjoyed a lot. The main purpose was my cousin's birthday and I never reject an invite to have a party in London, duuuh. We arrived Friday morning so we had time to visit the city 'till diner time. The somewhat sad part of the story: it was raining a lot and I mean seriously A LOT but the weather gods made us again happy on Saturday. Seeing my boyfriend handle an umbrella was the fun part of. We did the London Dungeons by the way... The boyfriend liked it and I'm the person that gets scared easily so you can imagine the situation but all in all it was fun to do (and it was a good escape from the rain!).

That night we went to a LOVELY restaurant - The Fire Stables - in Wimbledon with lots of people and I'm seriously bummed I didn't take my camera with me because the interior was soooo cozy and peaceful and the food was amazing. The night was very long which resulted in little sleep. The next day my cousin made a delisssh breakfast, you know a full English one with yummy eggs, some bacon, bagels, juices and different side dishes. Tummies were good to go and before heading back in town we went for a walk in Wimbledon. I was SO amazed by the amounts of nature there is because it's only 15min by tube to London city. Highly recommended!

We've visited the usual things a tourist would do: Oxford Street, the Kensington area (and our favorite museums), Big Ben, the Thames, Covent Garden, China Town, Leicester square (with its M&M's store), The London Eye, London Bridge, ... Although we did quite a lot I wanted to do some other stuff like Nothing Hill and some exciting vintage shops but that will be for a next time.

I'll stop talking now and give you some of the visual stuff!

Sabrina, x.

The quality of this picture isn't to perfection but I really like this one!

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