Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Essentials | Outfit

Everyone has a different view on which essentials a girl should have in her closet. Mine are simple: black ankle boots, black trousers, a classic vest and a designer bag. The last item is because every girl dreams of having one or more. I'm pretty sure my investment will go to shoes and bags. 

We were invited to celebrate A Luxury Approach PR 1 year anniversary and this was the outfit I chose to wear. Classic, edgy, evening-ish and simple. Thank you again for the invite, we both had a lovely time!

We all know any kind of good quality boots are expensive. So when I see a pair I really need to think about it, try it on several times and finally decide. This wasn't the case with my COS ankle boots: I saw them, tried them on and fell in love without thinking at all. I blame my impulsive (re)action on the fact that I've been searching for the perfect pair of black ankle boots since last year. What can I say, they're perfection to me, I can walk on them for a long time, they have a firm heel and it's black, ahhhhhh! Another brand that succeeds in blowing my mind away is Essentiel. I got this blouse as a pre-graduation present because I didn't know what to wear that day and I've been frequently wearing it since because of its lightness and print. 

I'm going to expand my imaginary wishlist some more now! What are your essentials?! 

Sabrina, x.

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