Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Food | Pear & Goat Cheese

Today is a very good day but I'm not going to jinx it so I'll just 'celebrate' it by sharing another yummy dish and it's a very fall-ish one (if that's even a word?). I present you a pear & goat cheese salad. Very healthy and absolutely delightful!


1 pear
handful of pecans
a good handful of rocket salad
2 generous tablespoons of goat cheese
1 pomegranate (but you don't have to use it all of course)

4 tablespoons of virgin olive oil
1 big tablespoon of honey 
1 tablespoon of balsamico 

How to make the salad

Slice the pear in 3 or 4 pieces (horizontal) and it's up to you how thick you'd like to have it. Remove the inside if you wish (I did it) but you can leave it as well. The heart of the pear is in my opinion quite hard and less sweet. Don't remove the top of the pear but keep it as a decoration piece! 

Next you peel of the pomegranate (tip: because of the red liquid it can give some ugly stains just like red wine so be careful with that). I used about a quarter of the pomegranate. Chop your pecans as well because big chunks in your dish isn't really appetizing.

Most salads are cold but now and then it's delicious to have some warm ingredients added to your dish and with the cold fall we're experiencing now it's even more yummy to have some warm delightness. I've grilled my slices of pear for 1 minute on each side but then again you can choose how crunchy or soft your pear slices will be. Because we've grilled the pear the outside became a little brown-ish but I actually really don't mind because it's 1 of the fall colours, right?!

We're almost there! It's dressing-time: just add your balsamico, olive oil, salt, pepper and honey to a bowl and start whisking it very well. 

Now la moment suprême: start piling up that beauty! Add between each slice as much as goat cheese, pecans and pomegranate as you wish. And put all the leftovers around your pear. And finally you can drizzle the dressing on top of your pear and around it. 

Have a great weekend and bon appetit!
Sabrina, x.

ps: I ate the other 3/4 of pomegranate as my dessert ;-)!

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