Sunday, November 24, 2013

Indoors | Outfit

Esprit top - An'ge dress - belt via Lily - H&M and Twice as Nice bracelets - Ganni Kylie boots via Lily

Indian summer, why have you forsaken me? I'm so ready for you. Can I dress more obvious? 

If you don't mind, I'll be making a lot more indoor pictures this winter. Unless you're immensely interested in me dressed up as an eskimo, time and time again. Just give me a shout! 

After some pointless rummaging through the bathroom drawers, I rediscovered this orange lipstick. It's a pretty colour for me and tastes like peach, win! Ssshhht, let's not talk about expiration dates of beauty products. 

I certainly haven't lost my preference for colours with this drop in temperatures. I'm trying to stay cheerful while desperately browsing through holiday websites. Because, dear sun, one way or another I'm gonna find ya, I'm gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha!

Naomi, x.

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