Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Let's get ecological

Let's get ecological
Ekyog 'Dorine' pulloverOelwein confettis trayPeople Tree cluster ringAmbre Botanicals body butterKomodo 'Cath' skirtO My Bag 'Dirty Harry' bagWoo 'Laroo' beer bottle candleArmed Angels squirrel shirt

Ecological. Natural. Sustainable. Biological.
Insert Jim Carrey with a hairbrush: and that's the way - uhu uhu - I like it - uhu uhu - !
My visit to the Marnix & Ally showroom last week sparked a wish list. They represent a couple of eco-friendly brands which I can only applaud.
I was already familiar with O My Bag, their designs have been populating my wish lists for some time now. O My Bag bags are made with respect for the environment in a positive atmosphere of fair trade. How about that? Piggy bank, please be kind to me.

At first when I noticed the WOO candles, I wasn't really interested. Another brand of candles, whoop. You can already buy candles everywhere you know. However, when An-Katrien revealed the other angle - ha - my antennae buzzed. These candles are no ordinary ones, no sir, they consist of natural beeswax in upcycled vodka, wine and beer bottles. Endless hours of subtle scents and beautiful light.  Worlds Of Opportunities lie ahead!

There's a new webshop in town: Sorbet Seams. At a glance I knew my credit card was in trouble, Sorbet Seams stands for clean design and top-notch products. In the beauty department they offer Ambre Botanicals. Oils, moisturizers, butters, creams, sera composed of 100% natural ingredients. I'm sure my skin will approve.

I also included the Supergoodsstore, Mechelen represent! You can shop here to satisfy all your ecodesign & fair fashion needs. They have dozens of brands I've never even heard of, time to get my Dora the Explorer on.
I know these and other products come with a price tag, but nature isn't a cheap supplier. As O My Bag puts it: the choices we make as shoppers can change the world, we can create a worldwide demand for products made with respect for the enivironment and take a stand for a fairer trade.
I'll leave you with these wise words.
Naomi, x.

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