Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Little Paddington | Outfit

What's better than wearing a bright colour in your outfit during those dreary days?! This Petit Bateau yellow raincoat was the perfect match for the foggy weather this past weekend. When it's foggy I'm always eager to take a walk in the woods near our house. It's kind of creepy knowing no one else is there or when you walk a couple of meters further you almost can't see anything behind you. But at the same time it brings me at peace so I decided to take a strowl with a friend of mine. 

My precious new diamond is for sure this yellow raincoat. I've been wanting it for several years and there was always something that stopped me from buying it: having no money at the time, having the money but my size wasn't available or having no time to go to the shop. And this kind of thing isn't something I 'just' buy from the internet. Last week I was a day in Paris, we passed the Petit Bateau shop on the Champs Elysées and my I-want-and-need-to-have-this-coat radar was on full speed. Et voila... Review? The blue and white striped lining is adorable, the brightness of the yellow makes me nostalgic (little Paddington) and it keeps me amazingly warm. The rain boots were a last year purchase and I got them via Famousbox. When in France at our get-away you often need good shoe material that can get muddy if you want to have a strowl in the woods and because we do that quite a lot I was forced to get myself some boots. I didn't want those plain moss green ones so I was in search of something more fashionable and girly and my mission was completed. The bows on the back make it more pretty and the wedges give it a feminine look. 

Oh yes! Before I forget, I promised you an outfit with my new Wicked lipstick from Topshop. I wore it a lot this weekend and got a couple of lovely compliments on it so I'm even more happy with it. Although it makes my face more pale than it already was I don't really mind. Off I go because it's AGAIN a hectic week.

How did you spend your foggy weekend by the way?!

Sabrina, x.

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