Monday, November 18, 2013

Music Musings

Music has always been an important thing in my life, I'll probably go crazy without it. This comes with another big passion of mine: dance. From the time I learned to take my first steps as a little child my feet started to move by the sound of any kind of beat. So from the year I turned 4 until I was 21 my fulltime hobby was dancing. I started with ballet, then I got the taste of it and wanted more so jazz and hiphop came along as well and finally modern ballet and modern jazz became also very interesting for me. While other high school kids enjoyed hanging around after school I was spending my after school hours at the dance school.

When I started studying at uni it became really hard for me to combine school and dancing because I had +/- 8 hours of dancing and going back and forth was getting really exhausting. And with a big knee injury on the side I had to slow down the dancing mojo. It was really difficult for me to let go and nowadays it still can be frustrating. Sometimes I give private lessons to little ones and if no one is home I start moving the furniture around in the living rooms so I can do my thing. You can hear it already, yes I watch #SYTYCD and one of my big favorites is Tamara. She dances with full energy and lots of emotion and that's just truely amazing. Yesterday she performed a short solo on Anthony and the Johnsons with their song 'Hope there's someone'. It was pure, beautiful and it gave me an immediate feeling to stand up and start dancing.

Enjoy your week and have a non-blue monday.
Sabrina, x.

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