Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Orange vibes | Outfit

In my last Friday Food I mentioned I received awesome news and my enthusiasm was already noticeable on instagram, twitter and facebook but I got a job. I was happy that I followed Media Studies in Leuven and didn't regret it at all because it's branche I feel good in. On the other hand I was aware of the the fact that it wouldn't be easy to find your dream job and many professors made that loud and clear in our last year à la 'the media scene is a tough world'. The last 3 months I've written a lot of motivation letters and the main response I got was that I didn't have enough experience. Something I got really frustrated about because you study for something so long and hard that I got to think 'where do I have to start then?!'. And I can probably speak for a lot of graduates it can get you down sometimes but my dearest friends and family kept me going. Then suddenly I got positive news and it all went very fast. At this point I still can't believe it. My 2 greatest passions are fashion and music! I'm an all-rounder when it comes to music and I certainly don't stick to a couple of artists. On the contrary, I love to get acquainted with new styles in music and new artists. From now on I can get creative at the Laundry Day office. Never give up and keep looking for what you really want because if you want something so bad you'll get it!

Outfitwise now! Baby it's getting cold outside so I'm in dire need of fluffy cardigans that can keep me warm 24/7. It's orange and I like it. When I saw this cardigan at COS I was flabbergasted by the fact that something so freaking bright could be so beautiful. So yes, check. The black dress is a piece I wear a lot for several occasions and I'm still loving it to bits. Last but not least, my little black purse! It's vintage and I got it 2 years ago as a christmas present from my boyfriends mom. It has a chique, cute vibe but I'm very careful with it because the shoulder strap is fragile. I can tell you now that I'll be wearing this purse for christmas!

Bye for now!
Sabrina, x.

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