Thursday, April 25, 2013

My favorite flower is...

... a (gerbera) daisy! I spy with my eye, lots of daisies. Ok, I'm not talking about the real flowers but the prints that are somewhat popular. But what the hell, I'll throw some flower pics in as well, just because they're sooo pretty. Most of all, I love a romantic bouquet with them in it so actually all kinds of flowers are good for me ;-). For example ranunculas are also very pretty!

When thinking of Spring words such as: sunshine, color and flowers, flowers, flowers come to mind! Yes, there's a daisy print galore going on in the fashion world. To be quite honest, I'm not really loving the daisy prints... I do like floral prints but rather a combo of different flowers than just only daisies. It's ok, but I wouldn't buy anything that has only daisy print on it. 

Topshop - Simone Rocha - Kenzo

There is an exception though: Daisy - Eau so Fresh perfume by Marc Jacobs. That's the only perfume I'm using for a couple of years now and I haven't found anything else that can change my mind about it. I hear addiction calling, yep I plead guilty. AHHH that smell is in my opinion delishhhhhhhhhh.

Asos - Bottega Veneta - Topshop
Red Valentino - Manolo Blahnik 

Are you liking these daisy-prints? Or is there another print you absolutely adore for this spring?

'Till next time!
Sabrina, x.

ps: good weather + broken camera = no outfits => frustrating! Just saying...

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