Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Wearing: Blazer - H&M / Braided necklace - Titi + The German Kid / Dress - Pins and Needles (via UO) / Flats - H&M / Makeup - Kapsalon Kontrast.

I made these pictures especially for the Titi + The German Kid competition on facebook. They asked for some rock 'n' roll attitude so I totally went for it! How do you like the result? I really dig how my hair looks, makes me want to dye all of it even more. But not to worry, boyfriend, I'll restrain myself. The bleaching is too harmful for my hair.

Here comes the fun part: I need your help desperately! I would mean the world to me if you could click on this link and like my picture, I need to end in the top 5 so I could use every single like. It's hard competing against models.. Click me to victory :D!

Enjoy the sun while it's shining
Naomi, x.

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