Sunday, April 07, 2013

A dress a day...

Wearing: Cardigan - Bershka / Dress - Pins and Needles (via Urban Outfitters) / Tights - H&M / Sneakers - Converse / Ring - Twice As Nice / Necklace - Studio Blanche

...keeps my bad mood away! I sincerely hope the latest news isn't true: cold temperatures until the end of May. As long as I can start wearing my spring/summer gear, I'm keeping it together for now.

I bought myself a good new pair of red all stars, always difficult to decide on a colour, there are so many pretty ones. Gotta have 'em all! Eager for discounts, I waited for something to come along and then there was my birthday. Thank you Spartoo for the €10 birthday voucher!  They know their clients well ;-).

I really like the combination of colours, some brightness and darkness: perfect outfit for the winter-spring transition. The only downside is that I still have to cover it up with a coat. Let there be sun! For this shoot I decided to work with a male model, boy are they a handful! Never listening, running away and exhausted straightaway...

Naomi, x.

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