Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Clash of the garments.

Wearing: Jumper - Essentiel / Dress - An'ge / Sneakers - Converse / Trench coat - Mexx / Scarf - mum.

I'm not too sure about the combination I'm wearing, hence the title of this post. Maybe there are just too many things going on? I do love all items separately, maybe keep it that way next time. Ah well, not every outfit is a winner!

I did want to share these pictures with you because of the awesome lighting and ditto scenery. We made them right on the verge of a massive hail storm! I'm so glad we got on the bus before all hell broke loose, although it was raining into our bus anyway.. 

While we were waiting, my boy and I also had some fun with the timer on our camera.

Naomi, x.

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