Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Maxi summer come to me

Thinking of summer and longing for summer, that's all I can say. Already planning my holiday trips in my head and discussing it with the ones that are joining me and looking up the must-do festivals. It's maybe soon to think about those things and I'm not sure what's going to happen in 3 months but at this point I really need some distraction from all the school stress that's piling up. That's one of the reasons I've been a little off the blog radar, mi scuzi for that!

Besides school and destinations, my head fills up with fashion ideas for summer (duh). My closet consists of a good collection of dresses and this year I'm thinking of going on the maxi skirt road (or short ones) and maybe a maxi dress?! I'm actually not sure this style would go for me (because I'm a shorty and have somewhat wide thighs). I've got already so many different styles and combo's in my head. So pretty please body of mine: agree with my mind. 

If it's not a match made in heaven I still can look at others, make inspirational pictures and dream of it ;-)!

Here's my Pinterest: Fashion Cravings for maxi all the way! 

Bright green, emerald, moss green,... You name it, I love it! A very classy style with lots of neck- and arm candy while the outfit is simple but stylish; that's just a real eye-catcher in my opinion. Or imagine being somewhere with rising temperatures and evenings are still enjoyable, you can wear a maxi skirt in boho style. This last picture would even go for me as a go-to-work outfit, looks comfortable and cute.

Next stop: a pinch of romance please. Creamy/white colour in combination with some navy blue or jeans elements, yes please! I wouldn't even care if my creamy skirt would get dirty, it looks like a fairytale outfit with a big vavavoom effect so that's good enough for me! Look at the middle picture, la Kirilove is owning that maxi outfit totally, magnifique.

And yes indeed, the neon has to be seen as well.. And if you ask me, it would go perfectly on a bright sunny day! The thing I love about neon is that you can make an edgy and tough outfit seem at the same time somewhat girly. Like that first picture, it was an immediate ahmaghaaad-reaction.

If you do know places where they're selling amazing mucho gusto maxi skirts, please do tell :-). What's your fashion idea for upcoming summer??

Sabrina, x.

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