Thursday, April 11, 2013

With love from Russia.

It's incredible. Everytime I look up pictures on Pinterest or a fashion website, I'm having the same reaction: ahmagad how can you be so perfect?  There aren't many women that I look up to but this one catches my eye every single time...

I'm talking about misses Miroslava Duma but I call her Mira Duma. It's like she's my friend that I'm giving her a nickname. Dream ooon Sabrina, dream ooon. 

She was a former editor at Harper's Bazaar Russia and founded Buro 24/7; a website filled with fashion, beauty, music and art news. For the moment it's a Russian website but they're thinking big like English, Spanish and French too. So Miss Mira, I'm waiting because for now I can only gaze at the pictures...To top it off, she's a freelance writer. I always admire fierce and independant ladies that contain a good handful of ambition and know what they want!  

Besides this Russian fashionista I must admit there's a Russian designer that's kind of an inspiration for me as well and goes by the name of Alexander Terekhov. I do want to point out that the fashion bizz in Russia is getting its stamp on the map and I'm very happy about that. This young designer is known for his classic yet modern silhouettes that scream femininity from far away. 

I don't have a specific style because being all-round is just so much beter when it comes to outfits and I certainly would like to own a piece of Mr. Terekhov someday (that is a piece of clothing of course). You can find silhouettes from the SS13 collection below. His collection consisted some good happy colors such as red, aqua, white and salmon used in different kind of prints.
Back to Mira. This lady knows how to combine colors and pieces of clothing. She's a true fashion cameleon and isn't afraid of using several bright colors to her wardrobe. Chic, casual, preppy, sporty, classic, sophisticated, ... I seriously can go on. Admire, admire, admire... I think I've said enough ;-).

All Duma's pictures are from Pinterest
Have a nice day ;-)!
Sabrina, x.

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