Sunday, April 21, 2013

When Fashion meets Dance

I tried to take some outfit pictures yesterday but they were horrible. There are just some of those days your camera doesn't agree with you, hopefully later this week my next attempt will be a better one. 

One of my greatest passions is without a doubt dancing. I got motivated to do lots of different styles and most of my free time I've spent in dancing schools, that's about 15 years ballet, 12 years hiphop and jazz-ballet and 3 years modern ballet. I even tried out tapdancing for about 2 years but that just wasn't my thing. From the time I started with uni I couldn't combine everyting anymore and going back and forth was really exhausting after a while, a bummer though... 

As I was looking on the internet and in magazines this past week, I've noticed that fashion uses some subtle inspiration from ballet. A mixture where fashion meets dance is in my opinion amazing. It's so elegant and classic at the same time and that gave me some inspiration for upcoming summer, can't wait to try it out :-). Here are some pretty things to gaze on!

Even different kind of buns make me think of a lovely ballet. What I remember of my buns was less fun: they had to be tight as hell and lots of hairspray. Kind of a trauma if you ask me. The braided buns and loose ones below are just OH SO PRETTY!

Last Fall Valentino also did a collab with the New York City Ballet and created some awesome costumes. In my opinion: the bigger and colorful the costumes, the better! It was somewhat fairytale-like, romantic and dramatic at the same time and still classic enough for a recital. 

 Pictures from Pinterest and
I sure do like it and you??

Sabrina, x.

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