Friday, April 19, 2013

Menagerie ensemble.

Wearing: Scarf - mum / Trench coat - Mexx / Cardigan - WE / Top - H&M / Necklace - Primark / Bracelet - gift / Pants - Zara / Sneakers - Converse / Umbrella - vanHaren.

Last week I spent most of my days in drizzly Paris. Thanks again mon amour for the surprise! Of course I couldn't resist stopping by the world's oldest public menagerie. Unfortunately this also means that the animals are kept in rather small enclosures.. especially the wild cats. I hope they are planning on expanding or placing these beautiful creatures somewhere else.

Let's talk tops. I actually found a top that isn't made of that icky see-through fabric that feels awful when you even sweat for one tiny second. I can't even remember how many times I fancied a buttoned top or shirt and then I realised it was made of this gruesome fabric. Of course, like any other insane woman, I always think that this shirt will be different and I won't have any problems this time. WRONG! From sweat drop one I'm painfully reminded by the shivers down my spine that I absolutely loathe this fabric. That doesn't stop me from wearing it though, I paid my moneh! I just need a little preparation time and courage before I decide it's time again to put on the demon item. You can see the result of my last deed of bravery here.

Ah overreacting, it's my second nature. Anyone who knows me can confirm. Naomi, the drama queen, at your service! At least I make people laugh while doing so ;-).

Naomi, x

PS: You may have noticed that I have some purple strands in my hair, I'm waiting for it to turn lavender. Please turn lavender!

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