Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cat eyes everywhere.

Those cateye sunglasses are poppin' up everywhere lately. Makes me instantly think of Audrey Hepburn and Breakfast at Tiffany's. Amazing fashion icon and a lovely movie if I may say. Besides her, fashionista Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor fell in love with these sunnies. A true inspiration from the 1960s...

Don't judge me but if people can watch Astrid in Wonderland, Geordie Shore or Jersey Shore, I'm fully allowed to watch The Kardashians. The boyfriend sighs and laughs at the same time when I ask if that's on tv, but I don't care. Why do I watch it? That's just my non-thinking me-time. The eldest sister Kourtney was wearing them a lot in the episodes of Kim and Kourtney take Miami and in my opinion those Dita Savoy sunnies fit her perfectly. 

Cateye sunnies turned celeb-world upside down because lots of fashionistas are wearing them. From actors to models: Anne Hathaway, Miranda Kerr, Rihanna, Olivia Palermo, Nina Dobrev, LeAnn Rimes, Emma Rossum, Ashley Olsen, Paris Hilton, Sandra Bullock and I can go on..

Personally I don't easily buy lots of different sunglasses. Reason? Belgium knows only 20 days of sun during the year and sunnies can be so fragile that I'm afraid of losing or breaking them.. Sometimes my mom surprises me with things I don't like to spend money on and her argument is that I have to invest in a couple of expensive things instead of buying a bunch of cheap things that I will eventually lose, break or throw away. I fully agree on that but for now - as a student - I can't always afford that, so that will be for sure a thing I'll start doing when my account says KATCHIIING or in other words: when I have an actual job ;-). Less buying but more investment pieces. What do you think?

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In february I got a pair of sunglasses and a coincidence or not, they're kinda cat eyes shaped but very subtle though because they're quite oversized. I wore them a couple of times now and I'm happy about them. But I must admit that aviators are my all-time weakness :-).

What are your favorite shaped sunglasses? Cat eyes, aviators, oversized, wayfarer, semi-rimmed, ..? Because let's be honest, it's not a must to follow the celeb- or fashion world in everything, right?!

Sabrina, x.

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