Thursday, April 25, 2013

Leaving the house and what goes along with me.

What's in a bag

You're probably not that interested in the contents of my shoulder bag? For those who are: et voila :-). Due to the lack of time I had during the weekend I couldn't muze on inspirational things nor did I have the time to take proper pictures, saaaaaawwy for that! But this is the result. 

This is my Mango shoulder bag I got for my birthday. My previous one was actually the same but in dark burgundy. It was so worn out or in la mama vocabulary: throw that old thing away, please. I'm very happy with it, especially the size is perfect. Not so big actually but you can stock it endlessly. My last one came so in handy for festivals: umbrella or poncho, even a sweater and then of course the usual things like a wallet, mobile phone and deodorant.

Ok, back to the what's in my bag. I don't carry the same things all the time, it depends on my mood or the place I'm going to. The things you see above are my essentials, what others maybe call 'junk'. Anywhoo.. Let me guide you in Sabrina's bag   
  • Mango wallet. I'm not a matchy matchy person when it comes to           handbags and wallets but this one was pretty and I bought it afterwards.
  • Blackberry 8520. No iPhone for me, it's just too expensive for what my wallet can handle at the moment. 
  • Garnier Mineral deodorant
  • Topshop Lipstick. It's very dark/bright pink and goes by the name of it's all about me. 
  • Pen. That's a real essential. Stupid but true in my opinion. 
  • Keys. Ok, I'm going to confess: I lose my house key a LOT except for my dorm/car keys. I don't like to hang them on 1 key chain because losing them all would be a major crisis. Seriously, can't capture the logic of it but house keys are just not my dearest friends. My parents keep several spare ones and go loco when I'm only saying ehm daaaad... You know those 10 stamps and the 11th is free? Yep, guilty. 
  • Mentos chewing gum.
  • Korres Japanese Rose lotion. It's amazing I tell ya! It smells very fresh and a little tiny bit sweet at the same time.
  • Zalando sunnies (c/o Oona). 
  • Eau so Fresh by Marc Jacobs. Can't live without it, so yes it has to go everywhere I go.
  • Xmini-speaker (c/o Belmodo). The beats that come out of that little thing AMAZING.  
That was it for now! Bubyeeees! 
Sabrina, x.

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