Saturday, December 29, 2012

Mellow state of mind.

Since it was raining cats & dogs outside and I'm locked up with my books anyway, some indoor outfit pictures. My top is a bit wrinkled but that's from all the intensive studying.

Wearing: Rose earrings - Lady Rose / Cardigan - Mango / Top - Esprit / Jeans - Levis / Ring - Just Julia / Shoes - UO.

The platform shoes and bow ring are recent additions to my wardrobe. I always keep an eye on Urban Outfitters sales, they have them so often it's almost a waste of money to buy anything at regular price over there. I was actually waiting for the right time to buy another similar pair but then I spotted these black beauties - those annoying ads on sites really know how to lure you in - for half price + 20% disount on all purchases that day. You gotta love UO! Sign up for their newsletter if you don't want to miss out, but please note that I'm not responsable for the consequences to your wallet. 

You might have seen this adorable bow ring before on my instagram or wishlist. My boyfriend sure did, muchos gracias once again! You can adjust the ringsize yourself so no more excuses not to buy rings gentlemen ;). I predict a real bow ring hype, so don't miss out y'all! Order them here and while you're at it, much more lovely jewelry to discover on the Just Julia site. If I was lame I would totally end this paragraph with 'my precious' but I'm not, so I won't.

Everyday I'm studying

Good luck to all the students out there!
Naomi, x.

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