Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Gettin' my Christmas on.

My second day of Christmas. I still feel like a stuffed turkey and here's yet another day filled with delicious foods. Two dinner parties on the schedule, my stomach doesn't agree. The main problem is that I can't stop eating if there is food on the table. I'm not the only one, right? RIGHT?!

Being all blogger cliché: my Christmas outfit and some jolly decoration photos

Have you ever seen a more appropriate statement necklace? Just put some little baubles (my new favourite word) on a chain and you are ready to go! Easiest DIY ever, you're welcome ;-).

If you are wondering what that print on my tights is: just some good old femur, fibula & tibia. Really not hiding my inner biologist am I? Too bad I forgot my nail polish collection at my dorm.. But I bet you can imagine my nails with some golden glitter on them ;-).

My mum is crazy about Christmas decorations, does it show? We don't have space for a life-size tree but with our little rascals (aka the cats) that wouldn't be a good idea anyway. These decorations really keep me from getting a winter depression. They have my back the whole exam period.

Wearing: Blazer - French connection / Dress - An'ge / Necklace - homemade / Tights - Henry Holland (UO) / Flats - H&M.

Holiday greetings
Naomi, x.

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