Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cocktail-'o-clock with Cointreau

Want to try out something new that involves cocktails? 

This past weekend we decided to do something different and having read lots of reviews about the Cointreau Fizz Garden my curiosity-antenne was on a roll! So we decided to go to Brussels and visit this magnificant garden. Although it was snowing outside, the interior gave me an immediate spring/summer feeling! 

And I must admit it was cosy. The room was provided with different places to sit; in that way we had a lovely tête-à-tête. It was filled with amazing flowers (by Thierry Boutemy!), from the ceiling to the walls and tables were decorated with exotic fruits. Hmm-mm-mmm!

This fairy tale garden wasn't only delightful for the eyes but also for our taste buds with their cocktails. You can choose out of 14 cocktails and they all have special ingredients such as the Cointreau Fizz with Cucumber and Basil or even with Cherry tomatoes. They also served the common cocktails like a Margaritha and Sidecar but with a splash of Cointreau of course. If you want to put an extra personal touch to it, that's possible as well. I actually never tried Cointreau before that night, weird right? But it was very tasty. Personally I wouldn't drink lots of cocktails with Cointreau in it just because it has - for me - a distinct flavor. But certainly something to remember for my upcoming summer garden party (yes, it is too early to think about it but I don't care).

And a guest DJ (differs from day to day) made the atmosphere complete. What more can I say? Good setting, good music and good drinks. If you have the time and craving for a summer mood with cocktails, do try it out. Doors open from 18:30 on thursday, friday and saturday.

Cointreau Fizz Garden 
Wolvengracht 48
1000 Brussel

Sabrina, x. 

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